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Concurrence : Who Would Prevail, Threads Or Twitter



The show is getting more exciting between the two grand Messieurs, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. 

Is it a declaration of war  between the Twitter CEO and Meta CEO ?!

It seems that Elon Musk's last decision of imposing restrictions on the number of posts users could see per day, last week, prompted Mark Zuckerberg to take a positive step regarding bringing the Threads application to light.

The Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has launched the long-awaited Instagram companion service "threads", a move that will further intensify the competition between him and Twitter owner Elon Musk. 


It appears that the drop that overflowed the cup was triggered by all means , the launch of Threads comes after Zuckerberg and Musk exchanged barbs for months. They even threatened a real-life MMA cage match in Las Vegas.


 Threads was launched as a microblogging application ; users can log into it with their Instagram credentials and follow the same accounts; This makes it an easy addition to the more than two billion monthly active users of Instagram.


The application is very similar to Twitter; It allows short text posts that users can like, repost and reply to; However, it does not include any capabilities to send direct messages.

A post can be up to 500 characters long and include links, images and videos up to five minutes long; According to a blog post by Meta. 


According to a publication of the company "meta".
The publication said that the application is available in more than 100 countries on both Apple's App Store and Google Play Store.


In his subsequent posts on Threads, Zuckerberg addressed these challenges, he wrote, "I think there should be a public conversation app with over 1 billion people. Twitter had a chance to do it but it didn't work. I hope we do", while Elon Musk trying to appeal the users, asserted that Instagram is just a platform where happiness is fake . 



At a time when the Twitter platform is faltering, Mark Zuckerberg dealt another blow to Elon Musk, as Zuckerberg wrote on Wednesday in his first post on the app, accompanied by a fire emoji: "let's do it. Welcome to threads."


Just seven hours after its launch, the number of subscribers in the "threads" application under Meta platform's reign , reached about 10 million subscribers, according to what was announced by Mark Zuckerberg, president of the company, and the founder of Facebook

A real new blow to Elon Musk . 10 million subscribers to the "thread meta" application in just 7 hours, the competition is absolutely heating up between the leading billionaires in the field of technology.


In fact, Threads is considered as a turning point in Meta's history. It is a potential challenge for Twitter aimed at competing in social media. This application also seeks to provide a more interactive and more private experience for users since trust is built on the basis of respect for privacy in the first place. 

Therefore, it is expected that the Threads application will witness future development and prosperity, as it will attract more users and become a strong competitor to Twitter.

However, I do not think that Elon Musk will remain watching with folded arms , he is bound to react to his rival and the response may be an unpredictable surprise. On the whole, I think that both parties are strong financially and so smart ,  they are, indeed, considered two of the strongest men of future technology. Let's wait and see what happens next in this exciting scenario and which social media will outweigh more than the other .


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