Common man

The common woman, the common man,
They are born naked like rice, like
Stone. But as soon as they blink they hang up
From the neck a name and the historical weight of
A nation, together with the booties, they dress them
With the word homeland feet and hands.
The common woman, the common man,
They are born with eyes to see beauty
But they immediately put a
Horse blinders and in the mouth
Milk of rage to the black, to the white,
To the Jewish, to the Christian, to the impoverished.
The heart is born naked like the leaf,
But before the first heartbeat on earth
Roots of war and languages sink in
They talk about mine and yours and you'll see.
They are born naked like corn and they dress them
With shrouds of flags and they sing to them
Hymns and they don't talk to them about birds or
Of stars. The common woman looks at
common man and he looks at her in turn,
Naked they recognize themselves as humans.
After going through the closets of existence
Some come out carrying empty shells in
His hands and others kissing fish and planets,
Sweet and naked and multitudinous rebellions.
In the feet other feet are born that will learn to
Dance in the rubble and in the embers.

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A veces leo.

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