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Good evening publish0x community. 

All feelings have been disrupted, and even thoughts has become confused. I do not know how I wrote this article. 

The global seismic observatories recorded, just few hours , a strong earthquake in different regions of Morocco. Besides, the US Geological Survey stated that the quake occurred about 72 km east of the Moroccan city of Marrakech.


According to the same sources, the earthquake, whose epicenter was located between Marrakesh and Agadir, occurred at 10:59 p.m., and was recorded at a depth of 18.5 kilometers.

A strong tremor was felt, in particular, the residents of Marrakech, Agadir and the capital, Rabat, my city, as well as the rest of the Moroccan cities. Other news reported that Algeria, Spain and Mauritania were also struck by the seism. 


While I was reading, I felt the window of my room shaking, making strange sounds as if it was going to be torn out, and then I felt my bed moving from its place. Oh my God, I did not realize it quickly, but then, I figured it out that something serious was happening. It was really an earthquake. The first thing that came to my mind was to put on my clothes. I quickly opened the door and... I scream to wake up my brothers and my mother. What a moment. I can't describe it.
We all ran out of the house, some of us wearing only  underwears. All the neighbors left their houses with fear in their eyes some others are screaming . Oh my God! I would not wish this to anyone because it is really scary, not because I am afraid of death, but I am afraid of losing my family, my loved ones.

I am writing these lines and all my whole is shivering, still have the fear that the earthquake will return again. I decided not to sleep. I cannot sleep tonight. I think I will stay up all night. All the neighborhood and family are outdoors, we don't know how this night will end. 


There have been no reports yet of the5great damages or injuries resulting from the earthquake, just reports about some old buildings in Marrakech were fallen . Many clips are now documenting the event have spread on social media, depicting people running into the streets and buildings shaking.

Until now, most people are still outdoors, in the streets afraid from anticipation of aftershocks amid a state of fear and terror. Hopefully the wifi is not damaged, that's why I decided to write this brief article to share with you this awful moment. 


Please pray for us and thanks for taking time to read.


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