A board city

I wonder ; What will be of me,
in this huge city?
The mind plays with words
like in a game of chess
where the horse jumps
over the horizon and in the
verticality of the streets.
A board city, without a queen
of course! with a bridge
that crosses his blood artery,
domes surrounded by clouds
and sounds of bells
fading into the immensity
cosmic, the echoes passing through
metallic sound, like a train
traveling on rails at speed
of the wind.
What will become of me in this city
so huge? that lives in my mind
in glass sphere,
like the ones on display in stores
on luxurious streets.
It rains on red roofs
of the big city, the sad sound
shut out the noise from the streets.
From this angle of the universe,
the open window, the leaves fall
in winter dances
The warmth of a hand on
the shoulder, bird looking for nest
on my skin, a distant kiss approaches
to my arid mouth.
I think of homeless people
where will the rain fall?
Seems like a silly thought
But the question is so deep
like the roof of the universe
that covers them.
What will become of me in this city
so huge?
I'm cold...a roof covers my head
...I think what you are thinking.
The open sky, the weather that devours
souls, the immense city, the crystal
cries with open eyes the cold dew.
My soul trembles! My hands
tied up and those who can ...sleep
under their roofs, perhaps naked
...sheltered by aerothermal energy.

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A veces leo.

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