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B2 Blue Dream Summit     

A new player has entered the cannabis NFT scene with the launch of Bud Star Cards by 3ssr.wam. Conceptually, this artist is top notch. Each piece shows creative thought and an artful eye. The execution can be a bit staggered at times but I think this may be what the artist is looking for, a mirroring of the effects that marijuana gives you maybe.

The particular piece below by the artist "ay ay ron", takes one of his seminal base pieces known as, "Bud Face" or Bud Face OG", and places him a dream state fit for any laptop, tablet, or CPU background. I particularly like the "OG BUD FACE_Arrival" and all of "ay ay ron" stock can be viewed here as well as other OG BUD FACE base slides.

OG Bud Face

OG BUD FACE Bud Dreams OG BUD FACE InsomniaOG BUD FACE Arrival Slide

The inventory selling has increased the last week or so items but will probably take off when Atomic Hub and WAX become mainstreamed in the United States. The United States is known for its leading edge marijuana acceptance, use, and production arsenals. In addition, these products are very inexpensive, running at less than a US Dollar most days with all inventory priced at 4.20 wax. The pricing, I found out, has to do with a marijuana code known as 420. Maybe if this artist takes off the works will jump to 42.0 or 420 wax each. With the leading edge of NFTs worldwide, Atomic Hub, poised to cross the oceans, these art pieces could go sky high.

Lastly, if you are into NBA Basketball, this artist also created marijuana motivated basketball scenes that are interesting to say the least.  If you like basketball, take a look and snag one because it seems only 10 were minted of each. You can take a look at those and all his listings HERE .

Link to budstar basketball cards.

Happy NFT hunting people from all walks of life. 


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