My opinion about Minecraft 1.8 vs 1.16

Minecraft 1.8 better than 1.16?

By Alymom | New movies | 2 Sep 2020

In my opinion Minecraft 1.8 was the height of Minecraft. All after 1.8 (1.9-1.16) is screw up.



Just look at this photo THIS IS NOT THE NETHER, THIS IS A C**P. (-)

The combat uptade is so bad i mean the hackers can t use kill aura anymore(+), but it so annoying in singleplayer(-).

In Minecraft 1.16 you have more content and more blocks for building(+).

But if you like Minecraft and you play it since 1.7 you know what i am saying. Indiffernt of what version of Minecraft you play it is still a good game<3


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Hello everyone, I just want to say you: I appreciate you

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