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23 NFT Terms You Need to Know

13 Nov 2021 9 minute read 2 comments CJen

Plus 9 silly bonuses to make you sound like a true insider Photo by Sammy Williams on Unsplash with the author’s own edits   NFT nerds use a bunch of terms, abbreviations, silly slang, and intentional misspellings that to most newcomers seem like co...

8 Great Women-Only NFT Avatar Collections

12 Nov 2021 5 minute read 5 comments CJen

Some of the best collections bringing diversity to the male-dominated NFT space Some of the NFT avatars from the 8 collections covered in this article   You don’t need to spend much time in the NFT space to realize how male-dominated it is. Because...

NFT Avatars: The New Status Symbols

8 Nov 2021 5 minute read 3 comments CJen

Are Punks and Apes like Rolexes and Lamborghinis for the digital-native? Image by 5598375 from Pixabay and Bored Ape #6599   On my mission to educate the world about NFTs and all their current and future use cases, I always emphasize a few key point...

Why Are People Spending Thousands of Dollars on NFT Avatars?

3 Nov 2021 10 minute read 18 comments CJen

There’s more to them than speculation and silly pictures World of Women, Rumble Kong League, Gambling Apes, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and 0N1 Force avatars  I recently wrote an article about the most common misconceptions about NFTs. One of these is tha...

6 More NFT Podcasts for Your 2021 Playlist

31 Oct 2021 3 minute read 1 comment CJen

Interviews and casual conversations about what’s happening in the NFT world 4 of the podcasts covered in this article Being the huge podcast nerd that I am, I recently made a list of 6 + 2 of my favorite NFT podcasts. I concluded the article by sayi...

4 Common Misconceptions About NFTs

30 Oct 2021 16 minute read 12 comments CJen

NFTs are neither a scam nor are they synonymous with art and weird collectibles for the ultra-rich Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels   Mainstream media and public discourse naturally focus on the most news-worthy and sensationalist sales, project...

A Buyer's Guide to NFTs on Solana

23 Oct 2021 4 minute read 0 comments CJen

All the tools you need to buy your first NFTs in the Solana ecosystem Some of the leading marketplaces and NFTs in the Solana ecosystem I recently shared my experience with the leading NFT ecosystems and covered Solana as one of the main contenders...

NFT Spotlight: Gambling Apes & The Metaverse Casino

21 Oct 2021 6 minute read 0 comments CJen

Don’t let their grinning faces fool you — these apes mean business A selection of apes from the Gambling Apes collection   Gambling Apes is a generative NFT collection of 7,777 unique apes, created from over 120 different traits. The traits vary in...

NFT Spotlight: Koala Intelligence Agency & The Power of Community

21 Oct 2021 5 minute read 3 comments CJen

And why I decided to buy Koala Agent #273 Koala Agents from the Koala Intelligence Agency (source:, none of them are my own) I always loved the artwork of the Koala Intelligence Agency but felt like I missed the boat back in the late Augu...

NFTs 101: Primary and Secondary Markets

20 Oct 2021 6 minute read 0 comments CJen

Consider this before you decide whether to buy directly from the creator or on the secondary market Live minting of Unc0vered and Shogun Samurais, and the secondary marketplaces Solanart and OpenSea Generative art and primary markets Generative art...