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New coin on the market. It's just something.

By NAGUAL IGOR | New monetary world | 27 Oct 2021

So on the discussion, we have the main question that is interested in all the crypto currency community.


Can the new token igrek go to the Bitcoin level?.


Sounds like something is not real truth?
Although if you think about when Bitcoin only originated, he also could not claim that now.
What is bitcoin tied to? And not what, air, abstraction.
And how do you dear reader you can make sure it does not work badly.
So why is the new invention raise doubts?
Mankind in principle in the twentieth century came up with only 3 new things.
This is a mobile phone, computer and the Internet.
All by the way is designed to control the person. But this is not the essence.
The bottom line is that the new unit of measurement of Igrek's wealth is a new discovery!
Binding tokens to the human soul!
You can imagine it at all.
Do you understand what prospects to open in the latitude of thought, the scale of conceived?
The currency that will unite the powers in one, will remove disagreement.
And instead of a single king will be at the head of Babylon.
But what about the creator after all, he will rule the world will say someone of you?
And what if I say that since Coin is tied to the soul, the rulers will be all equal.
In general, you understand that it is in the root will change the whole world order.
The entrance to the new currency world opens very soon.
And you will definitely get assets for the transition.
Thank you all for your attention.

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Я приведу вас к свободе.

New monetary world
New monetary world

In my blog I will tell you about the transition to the new world order. Having the ability to look from a height, we will describe a clear picture for understanding the masses.

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