New baby born

New financial disorder!!

By Papillon0X | New Financial Disorder! | 13 Sep 2020

Finally the change much needed is here! From Fire to Agriculture to wheel to industrialization to internet and now BLOCKCHAIN and CRYPTO CURRENCY!! 

We just got lucky in this one, we get to be the change, the old ways must end and the new ones follow.

The whole rat race, the race of money, the foul play of power, the governance, the religious bandits and the ignorant all around the ones all are at the turning point, the shuffle, the churning of change. 

Like the Great Greek Gods who for centuries ruled the heads and hearts of Greeks, nothing moved without the God's will, they all are now monuments of the past, they are all in the museums, Hollywood film, some fiction book, names of pets, a beautiful tattoo or some postcard and many new places other that the heads and hearts in the same way all shall change. 

The newl born today will have a different understanding of money and power, they already think the milk comes from a factory and not a cow)) 

The financial disorder is now and this is the new order, decentralized way of functioning. 

The timelines of change is according to earth time, 100 years is like a drop in the ocean! Earlier things took millions of yrs for change but from industrialization to internet was in a life time and from internet to blockchain is much less)) 

New baby born. 


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New Financial Disorder!
New Financial Disorder!

Finally we all get to be part of the change, an important one the new financial Order or better Disorder. The posts will speak of the new laws in world governance, blockchain adoption, decentralised platforms, cryptos with the utilities and the revolutionaries who are the change, who make the change! It's a good time to join the flow!

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