SOME WILL HANG UP AT THE SLIGHTEST HINT. Im getting tired of everyone i know not wanting to talk to me about anything Crypto related. People say hello and then then quickly disclose they are hanging up if i mention anything Crypto ish. The other day the X was talking about a friend who bought a house at the top of the market. She said it was a complete FOMO move. I was like "Where did you hear that word??!!" i guess everyone is using it now.

My brother always starts to tell me wild stories of people he may or may not know who lost everything, my kid thinks im obsessed and Crypto is Cultish and bad, my Mom thinks im just a complete asshole for everything i have done Crypto wise.

Theres a Eastern Euro kid down at the seedy Cigar/Bong shop, 2 doors down from the massage parlor who talkes up a storm. I went from 2 and 1/2 packs a day to switching to a mild vape just to get to go in there.

This kid is all dialed in with his big Android Crypto phone. Hes got several conversations going at the same time. Mostly on Instagram. Hes always on about NFT'S and the latest rug pull sounding coin you have to do like 100 back flips to get on the waiting list.

There are different types of Crypto people. Its still pretty frustrating. even with the Polish kid at the bodega. He throws up road blocks laiden with contempt at the mention of Honeygain or How JMPT seems to have weathered this so called "crash" pretty well, esp for a Coin you can mine for free on your PC or phone, even Iphone on this one. I got the code from a post on here back in May and based on my Metamask, its about 30-50 cents per day maybe. So at todays price its only worth 40 bucks or so but that could change radically and people expect it to. Just check out JMPT Price history on CoinmarketCap.  I forgot its called JUMP TOKEN. 

Anyway, you can obviously buy some if you got a Metamask and a little BNB but why not get it for free? They will pay in PAYPAL gift card as well but you have to wait like 2 weeks and the value wont go up. It wont go down either but you will spend it! So bottom line, it looks like if i mine for a year, you get about $300 Paypal deposit, which wouldnt be the worse thing to have happen in December. Or you can get paid in JMPT and it could go way the hell up and i believe it will as it continues to grow with all sorts of different uses. Its hard to get Muggles to join up and there is alot of bad stuff out there. ALOT of fake stuff as well. So check Trust Pilot, Twitter, Ripoff report etc... 


I ran this in Jan-March and checked for a drop in internet speed due to its being installed and saw nothing. I loaded and deleted a couple times as well and it is not really a big program and deletes faster than lightning. Plus there are Millions all over the globe doing it successfully. So why wouldnt i?


Try it on a PC for a month or 2 and see for yourself, If you put it on a phone it works fine as well but you have to have it running in the foreground on a phone. PC or Laptop it runs in the background and you will forget its there, though you have to transfer your earnings to Metamask every cpl days but thats just a click or 2.  You can only use one device per provider so for example, i can leave it run on PC 24/7 and in the foreground on a cheap dedicated phone at work as long as somebody else isnt already doing it. If you are heartless, keep trying and eventually the other guy will crash or the power will go out and then you make your move and log in. The best thing but not ez if you dont know Crypto people, is get others to sign up. You get bonuses for that and your income will increase as time goes on but you need to have your line in the water.


Heres my personal invitation-


You will start earning right away or maybe you need to verify email etc. no big kyc as i recall. I would def join the group on Twitter and Facebook etc as they often run airdroptype drawings and etc. Its a small amount of money but it will ad up and that particular Crypto looks good to me. I believe they change Crypto's from time to time. The last one was Bitcoin.


Almost forgot. You are selling un used bandwith. Sort of like how the electric company has to start paying you at some point with so much Solar power. So 90% of the time, theres a device im not using or not using it all, they buy it from you and you get paid through Paypal or in Crypto. Like i said, I ran it for a couple of months and re configured in different ways and it has no effect on my internet speed at all. Also, its super clean to install or delete as far as programs go.

You can talk to Customer service through email, Facebook, Twitter etc. They are good and check back to make sure it got fixed or whatever. When Customer service is always around and they have the nerve to answer questions on there Facebook, live in front of the world, i say it's a very rare and good sign.

Apologies if it was painful to read. Bad case of Bipolar.


Live the good life!!!




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I had been in a dark cave for about 10 years after a nervous breakdown and barely under control bipolar so Crypto is the natural move. Not entirely joking. Been waking up at 3:00-3:45 every night for as long as i can remember but i never recalled the old wives and Gurus saying it meant something important. Living close to the poverty line is not always a day at the thrill park but one 3am in early October, I opened a coin base account. Found a chat with Crypto people and have had my foot on the gas since.

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