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By NeverEnds | Never Ends Diffusion | 14 Sep 2021

After one Billions of hesitation, my hand start written whitout asking for a direction.

Free papper expression for share with people my emotion.

Free mind asking about the four season's, Can you save your reason for the next generation ?

Can you stop crying when you see love on Television ?

Human murdred by lot of contradiction, human kill all other nature creation, many face's for many situation.

When i close my eyes, i see my dream fade from the horizon, the ligts go out, my mind feeds on new illusion.

Who care about consesquence of money run race, care your heart for another feat with share connexion.

Its my first Time in english i will try do more longer next time 😘

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Deep Dream burn the Glock reality. Stay or Fly , less than less we miss the Time.

Never Ends Diffusion
Never Ends Diffusion

"le monde est bas avec des mots puissants" world's low with power words. J'écris des brèves quotidienne sur des sujets divers, sentiments, ressenties, je ne laisserais rien au fond de mon cœur. Partager ces émotions et véhiculé des vibrations, tel est mon souhait. Peace

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