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By Shiftrox | Neutral Field | 3 Jul 2021

About 3 months ago I started getting involved with cryptocurrencies, blockchain games and derivatives of this virtual world. I will summarize what I have done whether games or actions to earn Tokens. I will put in order those that have given more income.



Splinterlands is a collectible card game that runs on Blockchain Hive and interacts with several others and fits very well with the "Play To Earn" philosophy. Players can level up their cards by matching two or more cards that are identical. Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), is in-game token and is earned by winning ranked battles, selling cards or other in-game activities. This becomes the best source of income because the gain is daily, with daily missions, victories in ranked matches and end of season reward chests you get something.

Rising Star


This is another game belonging to the Hive ecosystem, at first I didn't pay much attention to it, but after getting some cards on giveaways and paying more attention to how it works, I realized it's a game that has a considerable return. Played in browser the game is slower, you do missions and accumulate starbits (in-game currency) and level for your account to be able to pick up new missions. It's a very quiet game, you can access it from anywhere, choose which mission to do, click a button and that's it, you only need to come back after the mission time runs out to choose another one. With the accumulated starbits you can withdraw and convert to hive, which can be used in Splinterlands and further strengthen your account.

Hive Posts


Using the Hive ecosystem you can earn tokens like HIVE and HDB by posting or upvoting. There are several domains that are interconnected such as PEAKD, Ecency and, for example. The good thing about all this is that with just the posts you already get tokens that you can use to rent stronger cards to use in Splinterlands. The more quality posts, the better your return.

Publish0x Posts


I haven't been able to post on a daily basis, but whenever I do, I earn some tips, the community is very good and fair with the possibility that you can post about what you like like a poem, poetry, something about a game or a tutorial. The cost benefit is huge, as you don't need to invest anything monetary, just time and quality in your posts.



It's a game that got a lot of steam in the beginning, but from what I've seen it's an investment of time that takes a lot longer, as you need to keep your power up all the time to be able to mine more of the coin. I managed to collect 10 RLT (game currency), but I ended up not being able to buy any mining company to make the mining a little easier. So for now I'm leaving this process more aside. This one if you don't invest a lot of time or some monetary value, in my opinion, it's a long-term investment.


Focus on some token airdrops, as participation is usually free and comes as a draw, some may receive and some may not. I've already received a few coins, but in the end practically if I add everything I won the result should be a few cents so it's a focus that maybe I'm spending the wrong way.



From the beginning I saw about Farsite it seemed to be a very good game with great graphics and a great proposal, but so far the game's discord is stopped and I haven't seen any new information, so so far it's zero investment and return.


So that's it, I hope that somehow I can help and/or guide those who still have doubts about what to invest their time and money in relation to cryptocurrencies won in games. I still have a lot of doubts obviously, but learning can never stop. A big hug and see you next time!

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Publish0x - In case you are not signed up yet, earn money just by reading articles

Splinterlands - Collectible trading multiplayer card game

Rising Star - Complete missions to level up and earn STARBITS, buy and sell NFTs in a blockchain game set in the music world!

RollerCoin - Passive cryptocurrency miner


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