Thunder Force

By Aktaion | Netflix & me | 6 May 2021

Thunder Force is a superhero movie unlike any other, you have the good guys and the bad guys but on a comedic storyline full of comedic and slapstick humor.

The scenario is nothing very original, we find there the bases of superhero film, the big bad on one side and the good guys who in this case find to be 2 heroines, who will all do to prevent the bad guy to carry out his devilish plan; A classic of the genre.

The real difference with this film is the avalanche of offbeat, burlesque humor and the improbable duo of 2 heroine, one of which is totally crazy and the other a little too serious.

The film itself is nothing very special but all the same pleasant to watch.

We find action, quirky humor, a pleasant story, a superhero / super villain rivalry quite comical; For fans of the genre you will have a good time watching this film. On the other hand, for those who do not like quirky humor, I advise against them, because quirky humor takes a central place in this film.


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Netflix & me
Netflix & me

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