By Aktaion | Netflix & me | 3 May 2021

So this film ... How to express my disappointment ...

We think we see an interesting story, in the end we realize that the screenplay is in no way original. the plot is non-existent, you really get bored watching it. There is nothing in particular to ask how this film came to be.

It's a shame because the acting is good and it is moreover the most frustrating because we expect an evolution in the story, something that will make the story finally take off but no , nothing ... That said, it is perfect for falling asleep.

You will understand that if you want to see a good science fiction film, it is not this film that you have to watch.

I am not writing this article for the purpose of being mean to those who made this movie. But rather in order to express my dissatisfaction with the writers. there it is really misused to see a film with such an insipid scenario.


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Netflix & me
Netflix & me

About a year ago I discovered Netflix, I love it from day one. Finally films and series without being inundated with advertising, only happiness.

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