Love & Monster

By Aktaion | Netflix & me | 4 May 2021

Love & Monsters is a science fiction film.

it takes place in a post apocalyptic world where insects, crustaceans and others have radically mutated.

To sum up the story spoiler-free, the story centers on a young man who lives in a shelter with other survivors. Before the apocalypse, he was in love with a young girl he never stopped looking for for 7 years. Some time after having located her, he will do everything to join her.

From there follows an adventure mixing action, comedy, and a touch of romance on a scenario for the less original.

The script is well done, we can only note its originality. The action is well placed, sprinkled with a touch of humor and a touching background of romance. This makes for a very pleasant film to watch from start to finish.

The acting is good and the special effects very well done.

I can't find any negative points about this film, I enjoyed all of them, I just hope there will be a sequel.


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Netflix & me
Netflix & me

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