Earning Some Cash With Your Knowledge About Food and Recipes

By wrabbiter | Net-Earner | 9 Jan 2022

Now, with the advent of digital technology, the publication of the art of cooking is also revolutionized. By employing a variety of means, you can earn a living out of your knowledge about food. Here are a few tips.

As you start making food-related web content, you have to...

Emphasize your recipe’s nutritional value.

Telling about your recipe’s yumminess is a great thing. You know what’s a greater thing? Telling about the nutrition that your readers’ bodies can attain if they cook your recipes. Good eating must be partnered with the words “nutritious and healthy.” So make it a priority to include them always.

Parents are always the ones who do the cooking. For sure, they wouldn't want to feed their kids unhealthy viands. This should be a factor that can make a blog or a vlog that teaches about how to cook nutritious foods stay on top of the others that only teach about yummy foods but are not healthy enough for the family.

Focus on recipes with the most affordable ingredients.

Readers will look at you if you can nicely teach them how to cook, but if you teach them how to cook in the most affordable way, then that would be even more fantastic. As much as possible, explain the inclusion of your ingredients in such a way that they’d be affordable or at least, accessible to your audience.

Viewers and readers would be attracted more if you make it appear as if your cooking drills can be doable at home. It should also go without saying that the elements that comprise your recipes are easy to attain and not too difficult to grab a hold on.

Set the audience as the main character.

Maybe you’re a great cook. But how can the audience figure that out without you over-emphasizing it? – by making them the center of your explanations. It means that if you're always the star of your blog, you will most likely fail.

Many novice bloggers and vloggers fail because they focus too much on making themselves famous that they forget to really teach their craft to their audience. Avoid this mistake by all means.

By speaking or writing as if you highly value the reader’s passion to be as skillful in cooking like you, you will rise to fame with the impression that you’re not really after it. Thus, the audience will love you more, and will even talk about you among their social connections. This will then have some eventual advertising, even though you're not actually doing it.

Use a "typical home kitchen" backdrop.

Whether you want to put your knowledge to writing or if you decide to put in on video, You have to think about this, are there more restaurant owners than kitchen owners? Of course, there are more people in the second group. For that, you have to produce a setting or backdrop of your blog or vlog channel that shows a typical home kitchen.

By showing a setting that proves your recipes can be performed by anyone in any kitchen, more viewers will be naturally drawn to our writings or videos. Sure, you can also choose to conduct your cooking performances in a restaurant setting, but that will only attract professional chefs and big-time hotel owners.

The trick would be to do such a method occasionally too, to make the most out of your potential viewership.

Earning by offering online cooking courses

Although there are lots of knowledge resources on the internet, many people are still willing to pay to get enrolled in online courses. The idea is that, if you pay for the attainment of certain knowledge or skill, you will most likely delve yourself into the process through the end.

Online classes are a very marketable endeavor these days, and your knowledge about food is something that many people are so eager to learn and absorb.

You can teach online cooking courses in any of these methods:

Article post series – This is different from your typical article posts in your blog. With it, a group of special subscribers will only be the ones who will have access to a series of information materials that you created just for your designed online course.

While your standard blog posts are accessible to everyone, your online course articles will only be accessed by paying subscribers.

Webinars – The popularity of this method is undeniable these days. By conducting a live, on-screen cooking demonstration, aspiring chef wannabes will surely dig you. Not you… literally, just what it is that you offer.

But won’t these methods require a high level of technical expertise? Yes… and no.

While many seasoned online course providers do indeed possess in-depth technical know-hows in conducting their stuff, there are many websites today like talentlms.com that offer assistance to people like maybe yourself who have an impeccable skill set, but have no background about the technicalities of things like video-conferencing and web series.

To Earn some extra bucks with your cooking skills, you may want to write for these websites:

Those are the harder ways, as you need to do it in long terms. If you want to have some quick bucks with your cooking insights, you may just choose to write for the following:

Down East Magazine – During its entire publication of 60 years, they publish writeups about the culture, history, current events, and food hotspots of Maine, USA. They follow strict writing and editing guidelines. If you choose to write for them, you will be required to indicate your writing style and writing patterns. Payment is between $0.40 and $0.70 per word.

Edible Cleveland – Accepting both food articles and recipes, they have a hands-on editorial workforce that’s very keen on building the structure of your writings. As a member of an award-winning, nationwide series of community-based food publications called Edible Communities, Edible Cleveland is a proven authority on cooking. They publish articles on a quarterly basis. Payment is $0.20 - $0.30 per word.

Here is my list of more than 20 sites that pay for food-related articles.

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