Recovering forgotten USDT with Symbiosis DeFi

By NeoTokyoUnicorn | Neo Tokyo Unicorn | 15 Mar 2022

Cryptocurrencies are amazing, but sometimes they can also be a little complicated. Operating with exchanges and wallets require few click, but, just make one little mistake and you risk to lose or freeze your funds in unrecoverable or strange situations.

For example, this happened to me once: I was making some swap in a hurrry on Pancake, and made some transfers without the required attenction. Result: I ended up sending some USDT Teher on a wallet that I usually used for BNB. When I noticed my mistake, I tried to take them back, but I realized that, since I used that wallet only for some P2E on the Binance block chain, I had absolutely no Ethereum available on that wallet, so I couldn't pay for the gas fees.

Then a nightmare started: everything I tried would have costed me a fortune in fees, and a lot of time wasted. So, I just gave up and forgotten those USDT.

During the next weeks, I always wanted to recover that USDT, but the setup needed to transfer them to a blockchain that I used was discouraging.

Luckily, now, there is a perfect solution for matters of that kind. No setup, no configuration. Just a click and I have been able to switch my USDT from the Ethereum network to BNB.

I used the Symbiosis APP to be able to swap with different blockchains without having to worry about anytihng.

Symbiosis is a really easy to use swap with this peculiarity: it can swap among different blockchains, without need of any kind of setup.

You just open the website, connect your wallet, and you are offered an easy interface for multi chain swapping.

As you can see, the choice among different chains is very easy to use: just click on it. Nothing to configure: no network to add, no numbers, no urls, no nothing.


The interface is easy to use, and you can bridge through various blockchain at ease. Nothing in common with the nightmares of having to transfer coins among exchanges, with the risk of losing all of your funds maybe just for having forgotten a memo.

The swap function is also very easy to use, with a common interface similar to other swaps.


In this case, the switch between the Ethereum blockchain and the Binance block chain is made by the APP, which chooses also the best routes to minimize gas fees. No setup or technical expertise is required to the final user.

In conclusion, Symbiosis is a smart utility to have in your crypto toolbox: it can be very useful in many situations where having to use exchanges or attend complicated setups would not be an option. It is also a good way to swap tokens with minimized fees ad a fast and intuitive interface.



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