Token unlocks: watch out for THESE cryptocurrencies in March!

By Negativeland | Negativeland | 2 Mar 2024

It's time for unlocks and new cryptocurrencies released on the market. Let's see together which ones and how they could influence the sector in March




March unlocks

According to TokenUnlocks, the value of the new unlocks expected for the month of March would amount to approximately 3 billion dollars, for a total of 32 crypto projects ready to unlock new liquidity.

Also this month, therefore, we take the trouble to update the situation on all those crypto projects which, in order to obtain financing, have raised capital in their initial stages in exchange for the distribution of their tokens at a favorable price.

Investors (but also VCs) often participate in this dynamic, which also coincides with a "blocking" of funds for a pre-established time called "vesting". This, in turn, consists of several rounds of "unlocking" on a (generally) monthly basis, i.e. new funds placed directly on the market.

It goes without saying, therefore, that it is very useful to keep these coins monitored, both in relation to their unlocking and the influence that their volumes could have on the market, which could create, depending on the case, bearish pressures (in most cases cases, actually) or bullish.


Tokens to watch out for

Taking center stage this time around is Arbitrum, with an unlock that will essentially double the current circulating supply of the native ARB token. There is talk of 1 billion ARB tokens, equal to 87% of its existing circulating supply, by March 16.

Such a large release, however, still may not induce immediate selling pressure, as major investors generally do not immediately dump tokens on the market. The potential growth of the protocol, however, will have to find a new balance in a new and difficult to predict market in the coming months.

Behind Arbitrum we find Aptos, with the unlocking of 24.84 million APT tokens (6.76% of the circulating supply), with an estimated value of 290 million dollars, scheduled for March 13. And in this case the matter becomes more complicated, given that the ecosystem has underperformed its competitors in 2024, with growth of 25% since the beginning of the year.

Another Layer-1, Sui, will unlock 34.62 million units of SUI tokens ($58.15 million) on March 3, while Optimism will unlock 24.16 million units of OP tokens ($90 million) on March 29.


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