UFO Buffs, Alien Enthusiasts Alike Flocking To Compiled CIA PDF

Recently released CIA via The Black Vault is now currently available in full compiled .pdf consisting of 716 in total for easy viewing.  Also you will find information Julian Assange left available for us to compile.  We're going as fast as we can.  Sign up at the website if you'd like first pick of easy reading of declassified, voluminous evidentiary caches.  https://www.tgssource.org/wiassangedrop





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TGS Source
TGS Source

Near Death Experiencer desiring to share what was shown me in death. Dedicated to Truth regardless of where it leads and counting on earning enough funds to help many more people be warm, safe, fed, and dry. Respected and dignified. Free Speech.

Near Death Experience ~*~ We're Living It
Near Death Experience ~*~ We're Living It

“As I heard the wailing screaming sirens pass by on the highway my heart dropped my stomach rolled over upon itself and as I rushed to the bathroom with the unmistakable urge to throw up visions of my beautiful daughter raced through my mind. I wretched sweating convulsing seeing endless flashes of my sweet girl smiling, crying, screaming, running she’d not been home in days. The tingling blackness overtook me. Life as I knew it was over.”

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