Yes Virginia, You CAN Build Your Own Twitter

By nealmcspadden | Neal's Corner | 20 Jan 2021



... or at least LeoFinance can!



This article was just published over at zerohedge detailing all the ways the establishment will get you if you try to build your own Twitter.

Fortunately, crypto solves pretty much all of these issues.

  1. Build your own site - not actually a problem
  2. Build your own mobile OS store - metamask sites, brave mobile, etc
  3. Build your own hosting infrastructure - hive and IPFS (incidentally forgot to mention that Brave browser just announced they are going to have native IPFS support)
  4. Build your own DDoS mitigation - blockchain spam is pay to play. Go ahead make us rich so you can spam
  5. Build your own domain registrar - unstoppable domain is a thing
  6. Build your own search engine - Sort of a weird segue. Search -> social is not a primary method
  7. Build your own payment processor - No problem
  8. Build your own bank - Done and done
  9. Build your own government - Thought you'd never ask!

So there you go. #cryptofixesthis


At the risk of getting here which normally I don't want to do with Leo financier, but sometimes you got to there's this article that just was published on zero hedges called why you can't just build your own Twitter. And as we all know, at least the people who are fans of Leo finance that's exactly what's going on with Leo.
Khal has announced that. You know, something project blank is coming and it's going to have blank features and blank other things, but basically, it's going to be Twitter on the blockchain. And, interestingly, this article is published right now and he goes through several reasons here, why you can't just do that and why it's destined for failure.
And it's interesting to think about how blockchain solutions actually fix all of it. So let's go through and see what, he's talking about. It talks about some of the problems with Twitter and, you know, we have parlor and Gab, those kinds of things all have been attacked from various vectors.
And we're going to go through how those attacks culminate here and how crypto resolves them. So issue number one, build your own website and he's saying, building a website in and of itself is pretty easy. These days there are open source platforms and all this kind of stuff. And then the Gab was found in 2016 as a free-speech alternative to Twitter.
The only content that's restricted is content that violates the law and so on. The only people who would benefit from a neutral content policy are cultural, there radioactive right winners. These are made quickly spiraled into a den far-right villainy, consequently booted from the google play app store in 2017 and never made it into the iOS app store and the parlor is doing the same kind of thing.
So I'm not sure how this actually relates to building your website, but building your website is actually possible. And it's not hard. Worst case scenario, you hire somebody who knows how to do that. Number two, a problem building your own mobile OS and app store. So 80% of Twitter's users access the social network through the mobile app.
Having the app on iOS and Android is pretty essential for something things APIs as a social media platform. And so if you offend, Google and Apple, then you have nowhere to publish. This is an issue. However, it can be resolved by using mobile sites. But then you have your own hosting infrastructure.
You know, if you're running on AWS, AWS could just delist you, or digital ocean can refuse to carry your stuff. However, fortunately, we have decentralized hosting. The system in the hive blockchain and with the services that are like IPFS and things like that build your own dos mitigation, a distributed denial-of-service attack.
Dos attack is when many different machines on the internet, send spam messages to a service or website to overwhelm its bandwidth so that it ceases to function. The nice thing about having a crypto blockchain solution is that they could do that. They'll just cost them.
They'll have to buy the token. So, okay. You know it makes us all rich white while you expand the network. That's, that's certainly doable. And of course, you know, should that become a real issue? The price of, in this case, resource credits can be adjusted to deal with that. And we're five build your own domain.
Registrar. The domain name system, DNS is like a phone book for the internet human, meaningful names, like, are correlated to the machine, meaningful IP addresses with the service that hosts websites and domain like the American is easy to memorize and managed by person, but it needs some technical infrastructure to associate it with an actual machine on the network, which is identified by the machine meaningful IP addresses one zero 4.1 8.15 40.233.
So that is an issue. And if the registrar has decided to attack you, then you have issues. However, there are solutions like unstoppable domains and like IPFS kind of hosting. So number six, build your own search engine. So this does need to be done. Google search controls, 90% of the share of the internet market.
You know, that. That does need to be fixed or not fixed, but it needs to outcompete. And there are entrances like a duck, duck go, and others that are in the process of doing that and were some of something build your own payment processor, but automatically gone with a crypto blockchain solution because we have payment built it.
Number eight, same thing. Build your own bank visa, chase bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi. They underpin the entire credit card debt brick. Those are all gone in a crypto network and number nine, build your own government also done. Thanks. Thanks for trying. So here we have Hmm. Many, many models of governance throughout the blockchain and crypto universe.
All different, all different styles, all different types. And they each have their pros and cons and there will be competition in the marketplace to see which ones hold up over time. And that is the article. So yeah, the modern technology of blockchain and cryptocurrency and IPFS and all those things are why you can actually just build your own Twitter.
Now getting people to use it. That's a different question, but these technical limitations and these vectors of attack are eminently solvable in this day and age. And we're doing just that.

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