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What's In Store?

The last decade has experienced considerable tumultuous upheaval, the pivotal moment being the election of 2016; the 45th United States Presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Arguably, the notion of `Conspiracy Theory’ in the 21st Century zeitgeist has to be the attack on the World Trade Center complex September 11, 2001(a.k.a.:9-11). To this day, just over twenty-two years later, the idea that 9-11 was the contrived plot executed by thirteen Islamic terrorists armed with just `box cutters’ is still contentious. That they were able to high-jack in broad day light, four commercial airliners and evade all high-tech security systems and the global, real-time surveillance of North American Aerospace Command (NORAD) being the fodder that fuels the hypothesis of many a conspiracy theorist.

However, given the advent of the Internet, and more sophisticated platforms by which to upload, and access information in all variety of format; makes possible a deeper dive into history of not decades, but centuries to discover many such events that raise suspicion to their circumstance and outcomes. An Internet search prompted by `keywords’ reflective of the subject in question will derive a cornucopia of textual, and video responses either confirming or contradicting the `official historical record’ of the event(s) being examined.

To date, though not an exhaustive listing, the major topics of intrigue is related to a confluence of the global and national financial currency structures; historical dynastic political governance and social orders; origins of prominent Religious Orders and Institutions, and comparable topics. The pursuance of these being primarily driven by contemporary events seemingly inflicted/influence by their occurrence over the time of human history.

Unfortunately, given the desperate nature to the reporting, recording of these historical events over a significant period of time, it impedes the ability to compose a comprehensive `picture’ reflective of their important inter-relationship to derive a reasonable hypothesis to outcome. This fact further compounded by much of the information garnered labeled: ‘conspiracy theory’.

Global Humanity having just crossed the threshold to Year 2024; it being marshaled in by three prior years of social, political, and financial disorder derived from the viral pandemic and related vaccine controversy, conflict of war in Europe and Middle East, Climate Change weather phenomenon, and more, contributing to global and national instability. Understandably, such has given rise to many conspiracy theories questioning the nature of contributing influences, the known and secretive power groups, and the known and potentially contrived objectives to where it leads, and to what human cost going forward.

Paramount to these concerns; these major, and in most instances catastrophic events have catalyzed the influence of unelected, non-governmental organizations (N.G.O.’s), philanthropic foundations, and World governing Organizations under the auspicious of the United Nations (UN). The danger arising from such structured influences is their ability to subvert nationally elected governance into adopting policies and agreements to supersede constitutional edicts of their sovereign nations to the detriment and freedom of their populace.

As alluded to above; the desperate nature of historical, global events and the intervening factors: human and non-human by their presence, is to give rise to the ultimate `conspiracy theory’ as to where humanity resides, and begs for attempts to `connect the dots’ of the historical contribution/ors to what may be forthcoming in Year 2024 and hereafter.

The vectors of most known influence in the coming months of 2024 are as follows:

    - Major National Elections: Russia, India, European Union, and United States [];

    - Unresolved Conflicts: Ukraine (NATO) vs Russia; Israel vs Hamas (Middle East Nations) []; []

    - United States vs China tensions over Taiwan Sovereignty  [];

    - Continued Pandemic and Vaccine Restrictions by World Health Organization (W.H.O.) [];

    - Global & National Financial Collapse & implementation of Central Bank Digital Currency [];

    - Global & National implementation of Individual Digital Identification Policies [];

    - Climate Change Net Zero Policies & Carbon Tax policy influence of N.G.O.’s impacting Global and National Agriculture and Farming Policies [];

   - Global & National Policy “Great Reset 2030” influenced by World Economic Forum (W.E.F.) and Powerful Financial and Corporate Globalist [];

    - Cyber Security Risks of National Infrastructures being Hacked by terrorist [ and];

    - Mass Human Migration and Immigration Policy affecting Border Policies [];

    - Advancement in Artificial Intelligence and its dissemination into the public forum [];

    - Dismantling the aura of the Global Elite through scandal of sexual impropriety []; 

and, too many more lessor conditions to list. However, the potential outcome of any one vector is subject to confluence of them all. Too, of concern and of equal importance are the `unknowns’: `BLACK SWAN’ events. 

“A black swan is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences. Black swan events are characterized by their extreme rarity, severe impact, and the widespread insistence they were obvious in hindsight.” []

It should be noted too, each of the vectors listed are replete with their own, and in many cases several `conspiracy theory’ hypothesizing their origin story, potential outcome, and all in-between.

What follows are links to various video presentations that could fall to the category of `conspiracy theory’ addressing topics historical in origin, with potentially, contemporary involvement and/or influence:

This video speaks to historical and present political power Elites and their nefarious involvement while directing the human zeitgeist:

This video speaks to the historical and present influence of the Global Elite and Corporate Globalists through the World Economic Forum and World Health Organization “Great Reset 2030 Agenda”:

This video speaks to the historical and present influence of Secret Societies and their Covenant to control the direction of Human evolution and their power to influence its direction:

This video speaks to dismantling the aura of the Global Elites mired in sexual scandal and its impact on National and Global politics:

This video speaks to the potential influence on Humanity through advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics:

This video speaks to the potential for crisis arising from cyber hacking of national infrastructure leading to social collapse as portrayed in movie titled “Leave the World Behind” made conspiratorial due to its Executive Producer being Barrak & Michelle Obama:

In conclusion, mythology is driven by the want to believe in the unbelievable; this too can apply for way there is `conspiracy theory'.


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