The Blessing of St. Francis

By Charlie F.O | Writings | 29 Mar 2020

St. Francis of Assisi used to bestow this blessing on everybody particularly on his companion, brother Leo, when assailed with temptation. 

                                            THE BLESSING OF ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI 

The Lord bless thee, and have mercy on thee, The Lord turn his countenance to thee, and give thee peace, The Lord bless thee, Amen. 

The faithful are advised to see this holy Blessing of St. Francis because experience teaches that it is a most efficacious remedy against the devils, temptations, lightning, contagious diseases, heart aliments, dangers at sea, snares of the enemies, storms, fire, throes of childbirth, fever, sudden death and countless other evils. It has also the special power to keep in the grace of God those who see it. 


                                                                HOLY NAME OF JESUS 

                                                                           SAVE THEE

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Charlie F.O
Charlie F.O

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