Virtual Reality Unlocked: Interview with CEO of AEXLAB Jonathan Ovadia

By Crypto Guys | Navid Ladani | 18 Nov 2021

The appearance of virtual reality (VR), an attempt to create an interactive, computer-simulated virtual environment, has been accompanied by spectacular success: by current estimations, it is expected to strike slightly short of $210 billion by 2022. Since VR is now absorbing millions in funding, it has caught in its net supporters of all kinds: from innovative venture capitalists to large-cap corporations like Microsoft, all are now actively testing out the concept of metaverse – the invention that, according to experts, could overthrow the internet. By blurring the boundaries between the two worlds – physical and virtual, VR creates a synthesis of the two, preluding the new decade of social interaction, entertainment, and work that could hardly be conceived before.

Being among the first to undertake this development seriously, AEXLAB introduced its virtual reality studio that aims to give people real access to the world of imagination. Through the concept of the metaverse, AEXLAB promises to transform reality as we know it and provide an opportunity to immerse yourself into the whole new level of connectivity, collaboration, and interaction - all without ever having to leave home. As such, it’s unsurprising that the idea already attracted world-renowned clients like Red Bull, the American Institute of Architects, and Epic Games, to name a few. Cross-binding its possibilities with the emergence of NFTs – tradeable pieces of information recorded on the non-exchangeable units of data (hence the name – non-fungible tokens), AEXLAB can’t wait to unveil the VAIL franchise to the world.  The virtual gaming experience is animated through VAILIENS, AI-generated NFT pets. By fueling innovation, not only does AEXLAB open a new chapter in the overall gaming experience, but they also unlock the potential of VR into the blockchain industry.

1. How can NFTs on your platform be leveraged in real life?

VAILIENS – that’s the name that we assign to our NFTs – have a very important role on our platform. By building VAIL – the VR game that is about to be revealed to the world – all users will have a possibility of acquiring our unique AI-generated pets, each one customizable and assigned with a unique NFT identity. It is important to point out that the pets will not only play the passive role of value-bearer, but they are also the fully integrated element of the interactive VR experience, which will help users experience the true potential of the technology of the new era.

2. What is the implication of virtual reality for society as a whole?

It would be a lie if I say that society will never be the same after the introduction of something as groundbreaking as the VR experience. The big part of this is practicality: apart from being an immersive entertainment, this will also serve its purpose in virtual meetings, engineering, architecture, and any other field where visual representations of complex models are an absolute necessity. Soon, people will be able to experiment with the latest fashion trends and find the color and size that fits them best - all without leaving home. Or, alternatively, they can catch up with the colleague who was not in the office today as if they were there.  The future reality that I see – a close interaction between the physical and virtual reality, up to the point when they become almost inseparable. We’re at the dawn of it.

3. What is your opinion about Facebook’s Meta – and why has this idea provoked such strong skepticism?

I believe that Facebook carries many issues behind it - we won’t disregard the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the ongoing concern for data privacy. Facebook was already responsible for bad experiences in the past; now users are prepared for a repeat showing. What’s needed is not to simply change the brand name, but the experience that it gives to the users – only then, the transformation will have a tangible effect, and entail a positive result.

4. What are the areas of life where VR will be needed most?

As I said, there are many practical areas in which VR can already be applied. Take, for example, building and construction – an engineer will want to see the house as if it was already there. There was hardly such a possibility in the past; however, the modern development of technologies allowed the existence of possibilities previously unthought. Let’s also discuss tourism and gaming - this experience brings you to entirely new locations, giving you the possibility to “live” in the space as if you were there in reality. As soon as VR gets rooted in the industry, it will quickly spread over to private life – introducing a new way of social interactions and activities which we could not imagine before.

5. What does it take for a company to develop VR space from scratch?

A lot of hard work, but also a lot of capital from investors that help to put our bold ideas into practice. We won’t disappoint them!

6. Could you explain in a few words the concept of your metaverse?

Sure. We are the first decentralized ecosystem of its kind that finds itself completely in the hands of the community and enthusiasts who participate in the beta-versions of our virtual worlds. This allows us to build trust with the community members, as well as get the product tested prior to its listing on the market.

7. How can your idea help marketers and regular people?

I would like to highlight the fact that VR is not just for entertainment. The practicality of this technological breakthrough cannot be underestimated: from building a brand to maintaining the community, VR will find its place in each sphere of business and life. 

8. How does AEXLAB revolutionize the industry – and in what sense is it a pioneer in the market?

The possibility of blending VR and NFT into one pot was hardly attainable before. We are bringing the combination of two for the advantage of VALIENS – the NFT-based pets that can be traded across the space. Practically, we see the synchrony between blockchain games, crypto-collectibles, and virtual reality content. By doing this, we are giving the participants a unique possibility to become the real owners of a virtual object – an idea quite revolutionary in the contemporary industrial landscape.

9. What are you aspiring to reach in the future?

We would like to lead a global community of followers who are not afraid to bring their ideas outside the realm of their imagination. By doing so, we allow the followers of VAIL VR to experiment with the beta version of our platform, which brings the element of trust and accountability, as well as the ability to try out something that has only been accessible in the imagination.

10. What are the main trends foreseeable within DeFi in the upcoming future?

NFTs are the trend that will only increase its presence in the public debate. With AEXLAB, it made its way to the VR industry too. Apart from that, I’m sure that the cross-chain experience will become the main focus in the years to come – in pretty much the same vein as AEXLAB combines the reality of this world and the reality that can only be conceptualized in our brain.  

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