Life Crypto aims to Revolutionize the Crypto World with its Non-custodial Wallet

By Crypto Guys | Navid Ladani | 24 Mar 2022

The cryptocurrency market has had tremendous growth from when bitcoin was created in 2008 to this present moment. However, a CNBC report revealed that only 1 in 10 persons currently invest in crypto assets. This has placed crypto investments at number four after real estate, stocks, mutual funds & bonds. In addition, the complexity of the crypto space has contributed to the ‘delayed’ mainstream adoption.

Life Crypto has provided a solution to ease the use of crypto assets and ensure more people get involved in the crypto world. Before now, several projects have been seeking to proffer solutions to the complexity of crypto transactions. However, Life Crypto appears to have the best market-fit solution.

Overview of the Life Crypto Project

Life Crypto is a blockchain-based startup seeking to transform the crypto space with its state-of-the-art non-custodial multi-chain wallet. It is designed to allow you to use only a nickname and not complex number chains to execute transactions. This simple solution makes it easy for everyone to use crypto, irrespective of their knowledge and experience. In addition, Life Crypto’s non-custodial wallet is highly secure, and every user will be in total control of their access keys.

With the wallet, you can easily send funds to your friends from your bank, and carry out your day-to-day transactions. The Life Crypto App will be available to the public in the summer of 2022. However, the team plans to give users the opportunity to reserve their preferred nicknames in the coming months.

The project is also a multi-chain wallet with a bridge that enables users to change their $LIFE token from one version to another, such as from BEP20 to ERC20. This will enable the token to be compatible with the top blockchain networks in the crypto space. According to the team, they aim to bridge crypto with day-to-day transactions in the real world while also integrating the simplicity of username identification and the versatility of multi-chain wallets.

Key Features of Life Crypto

The Life Wallet

The wallet allows users to execute crypto fund transfers, retail purchases, and earn passive income. LIFE's multi-chain wallet is undoubtedly setting the pace in the highly innovative crypto industry. It is designed with flexible networks that enable it to bridge to the top blockchain networks. Therefore, it has the best services in terms of fees, reliability, and speed. You can now shop online, order takeout, send money to friends, all done within your secure multi-chain wallet.

Debit Card

The LIFE’s team is working on partnering with MasterCard to develop a card for users with which they can carry out every crypto transaction. This will be revolutionary once it goes into effect. They are also exploring other options with Visa regarding a LIFE card.


All $LIFE token holders can earn passive income staking the token, serving, and liquidity providers to partner DEXs, and LIFE’s DEX in the future. The Life Crypto projects offer arguably the most competitive single asset staking platform in the crypto space. It provides 30%, 35%, and 39% Annual Percentage Return (APR) for 1 month, 6 months, & 12 months staking periods, respectively.

You can also see rewards and cash them every hour and also look up the time to know exactly when your funds are free to move.

The LIFE Token

It is the utility token of the LIFE ecosystem, with a fixed supply of 10 billion. $LIFE is built on the Ethereum mainnet and also BSC Smart chain. The team is currently working hard to finalize their bridge so users can transfer their tokens easily between the two chains. The team is also close to completing the build on Polygon, bringing on another powerful network.


The introduction of LIFE’s multi-chain wallet to the crypto world will no doubt attract more users, especially with its ease of transaction. Most people shy away from crypto due to the seeming complexity. However, Life Crypto is revolutionizing the space and making it more user-friendly. You can visit their website for more information and also follow them on Telegram and Twitter.

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