Layer One X Makes Blockchain History - Successfully Tests EVM to Non-EVM Interoperability

By Crypto Guys | Navid Ladani | 16 Mar 2023

Layer One X, as the name implies is a Layer-1 blockchain network that offers a scalable, and secure decentralized ledger solution that has achieved a milestone that has been an elusive issue for years. The developers behind the network have just successfully transferred digital assets from an EVM blockchain network to a Non-EVM blockchain in a decentralized manner.

Interoperability is a Mess

Blockchain technology is known for the many advantages it offers. None is more famous than the decentralized power of allowing anyone to transfer digital assets (coins, tokens, NFTs, etc.) from one person to another, without any interference.

However, as the technology and industry grew, so did the number of blockchain networks. What has emerged from this is irony. One blockchain cannot send data or tokens to another blockchain. True, it is possible between compatible blockchains, but not for two different ones that use separate programming languages.

In short, with extended decentralization and fragmentation, came disconnection.

There are solutions to this problem, yes. Things like centralized services (CEXs), bridges, and wrapped tokens. But these are not true solutions and either go against the principle of decentralization (CEXs) or are too complex for an average user to utilize.

L1X: Achieving Blockchain Interoperability

Layer One X (L1X) is the world’s first Layer-1 blockchain that has achieved interoperability between incompatible networks. On 3rd March, the L1X testnet successfully transferred assets between an EVM and a Non-EVM network, marking the first time this has been done in a completely decentralized atmosphere.

EVM are blockchain networks that are based on Ethereum Virtual Machine (Ethereum itself, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, etc.) while Non-EVMs use different programming languages and parameters (Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, etc.).

In this instance, L1X was able to test out digital asset transfer from Binance Smart Chain to Solana.

What Does This Entail for the Industry?

The interoperability offered by L1X is a game changer and impacts the industry in three specific manners.

First, for end users, it means that they can transfer their assets between different blockchain networks without relying on centralization or complex hoops they would otherwise need to jump through (bridges). This gives them more access to digital wealth and services they would be otherwise cut off from. New revenue streams and new business models are just the tip of the iceberg.

For blockchain networks, it gives them access to financial services, entertainment, and other uses beyond their capabilities or development, opening up new avenues of goals and achievements.

For protocol and dApp developers, it will be a boon as they will not require multiple deployments of their products on different blockchains as other users will be able to access their services. Increased capabilities, a broader user base, and access to more capital are just the beginning.

L1X Private Sale And Mainnet Launch

Layer One X, though executing the translation in a testnet, has shown that it is a fully capable blockchain network. It will be launching its mainnet in August this year, bringing true decentralized interoperability to the crypto world.

The network is powered by its L1X token, which is currently in its private sale round.

About Layer One X

Offering complete decentralized interoperability and asset transfer, the network has overcome the Blockchain Quartet, where other networks have failed.

Layer One X offers interoperability, as already mentioned. Along with this, it will have superior decentralization thanks to mobile-enabled validators with more than 10,000 nodes. Mobile-enabled validation gives Layer One X the ability to achieve TPS above 100,000 with less than 500-millisecond block production. Using its hybrid Proof of Stake and Proof of Participation consensus means an integrity-based validation process, giving it more security than mainstream networks.

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