IXFI Exchange Platform Seeks to Disrupt The Banking System

By Crypto Guys | Navid Ladani | 23 Dec 2021

Cryptocurrency has become a major asset portfolio of this decade. According to a report on CNBC, more than 70% of millennial millionaires are holding their assets in crypto. Today, there is an avalanche of crypto trading platforms, but they all seem to be rife with the same sets of challenges as faced by traders. These challenges include the complexity of platforms to beginners and experienced traders, product issues, etc. The IXFI platform aims to solve these challenges and create a smooth experience for both beginners and experienced crypto traders.

Overview of the IXFI Platform

The IXFI exchange platform is a new-generation crypto trading platform designed to ensure a seamless user experience with fast transactions, high liquidity, high-grade security and zero hidden fees. Some other unique features of the platform include fast and secure transactions, access to crypto loans, and card solutions. The platform is a centralized finance crypto exchange built by investors to serve as an all-in-one alternative to banks worldwide. 

The platform works with the IXFI wallet, which supports up to 500 coins at a go. However, the platform's web version gives users access to up to 500 coins and over 1000 pairs. Traders can automate their trading activities, leveraging the data and reports provided by the IXFI platform. Traders can also trade on the spot or engage in a crypto swap, also having the opportunity to purchase crypto with a credit card. All transactions on the platform benefit from 24/7 support from the team. 

The Founder and CEO of IXFI, Cristian Andrei, said, "My vision is to create a safe and friendly ecosystem that would facilitate trading even for the less experienced people. IXFI is about giving people a greater choice, independence, and opportunity to participate in the cryptocurrency and investment movement. Our aim is to encourage people to think big and open their minds regarding exchanges by creating features that all of us have been longing for."

Major Features Of The Platform Available Soon

The major fascinating features of the IXFI platform are currently under development and will be available for users worldwide next year, such as:

A Playground Environment for Users

This is a perfectly simulated trading environment where users can hone their trading skills before venturing into the market properly. The user is granted access to free virtual currency to use for simulated trading at no risks. Beginner traders can practice generating experience points and rewards that can be used in the central IXFI exchange. The playground environment is a direct replica of the main IXFI exchange platform.

Access to Crypto Loans

Against their assets which act as collateral, the platform users are granted access to crypto loans. These assets would be held for the entire period that this loan is active but can continue to attract interest based on the user's activities. Access to the loan is immediate upon completion of necessary requirements.

Earn Program for Users

This program gives the user a chance to stake their crypto balance and increase their earnings. This comes at competitive APY rates, including stablecoins. This program is based on the centralized finance model, and rewards are compound interest rates.

Card Solutions for Users

The IXFI card made available to users enables them to make and receive payments in crypto through a multi-tiered point-of-sale mechanism. 

No Wallet Address Solution

Users can send and receive funds in their wallets without having to master their crypto wallet address. However, this only works when both parties are registered on the platform. The user only needs the recipient's phone number or email to search them on the network and connect in order to make transactions.

IXFI Academy

The IXFI Academy educates and empowers anyone who aims to learn, understand, and act as an investor or trader in the crypto industry.


The IXFI exchange just launched at the beginning of December, 2021, with services designed to rival and serve as an alternative to traditional banks. The crypto industry is undoubtedly a dynamic and rapidly changing one; however, innovation sets projects like the IXFI platform apart.

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