Era7, a Binance Smart Chain-based P2E Game, to Crowdfund on January 27, 2022

By Crypto Guys | Navid Ladani | 19 Jan 2022

Era7, a Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-based game, plans to launch its Initial Farm Offering (IFO) and distribute ERA, the platform's native BEP-20 token, via PancakeSwap on January 27, 2022, ahead of the game's launch in Q1 2022.

The Successful First-Round of Fundraising

As per its roadmap, the IFO follows a successful first round of fundraising, which saw leading blockchain venture capitals and institutions take part. 

The investment round was led by HashKey, one of Asia's leading digital asset leaders. Its diverse portfolio includes funding BlockFi, Acala, Animoca Brands, and over 100 companies spread out in more than 110 countries. Others who took part include established exchanges like Huobi Ventures and respected veteran blockchain investors, including Mobox and DAG Ventures.

What is Era7?

Era7 is a blockchain-based trading card game (TCG) leveraging the decentralization and security of the BSC to leave a mark in the fast-paced, rapidly growing cryptocurrency gaming sphere. By integrating cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and NFTs in its platform, the game stands out and rewards gamers who actively participate through its play-to-earn model. 

In expectation of immediate traction, the game is strategically launching on the highly scalable and low-fee BSC blockchain. Unlike Ethereum, dApps like Era7 in BSC don't have to depend on layer-2 channels that are being developed and not battle-hardened. Instead, BSC's distributed nodes would enable seamless operations without concerns of security or high trading fees.

Building from Experience

In a recent interview, Teddy Chen, a graduate of Shu-Te University, revealed that institutions were attracted to the game because of its unique player-rewarding features. Teddy notes that investors were impressed by its play-to-earn modern calibrated to attract traditional gamers to its rail easily. Being a trading card game boasting rich gameplay, it would also resonate well with traditional gamers who are always drawn by the depth and seamless play. To even fast-track adoption, the development team plans to launch it immediately on Android and iOS mobile devices. Statistics show that a big chunk of gaming traffic is from mobile devices. At the same time, Era7 would seek support from the traditional gaming circles for promotion. With deep gaming development experience cumulatively spanning over 15 years, their online mobile games have attracted over 10 million. The team's expertise and past track record would also help catalyze adoption, making the project standout success days and even weeks after launching.

Focusing on Quality

The Era7 development team will also draw from their vast experience and rectify past mistakes. As such, their inclination ahead of launch is on quality. The game shall boast depth and richness in gameplay content and competitive elements, thereby providing players with long hours of entertainment straight from their mobile devices. The team offers over 1k NFT-trading cards, with each possessing unique attributes. The resulting diversity allows the player to deploy different battle combinations for unique performance outcomes in the field. 

For an even interactive game, Era7 developers plan to release an expansive multiplayer environment where an infinite number of players can join a game. Out of this arrangement, participants would not only play for fun but also receive valuable rewards that can be converted for hard cash in the physical world. Moreover, Teddy said Era7 would merge an eSports-Fi model, an avenue for holders of Era7's rare NFTs to earn more revenue.




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