Corporate and Institution Friendly Crypto Exchange: Solidbit

By Crypto Guys | Navid Ladani | 11 Mar 2022

In today’s age and technology, it has become very easy for virtually anyone to get online and start trading digital assets such as cryptocurrencies. Catering to this massive influx in recent years, a number of crypto exchanges have started functioning, but there is a major drawback in the services they offer.

Jack of All, Master of None

With the target market concept thrown out of the window, these service platforms have designed their exchange and trade services to appeal to as much of the masses as possible. The result is a slew of platforms that come as the jack of all trades, but master of none.

This becomes especially problematic for large-scale traders such as corporate and institutions as they are subject to a larger requirement of reliability, operations and special needs, not to mention the increased scrutiny by regulatory authorities.

Solidbit: Institutional and Corporate Friendly

Solidbit is a digital asset exchange that has been built from the ground up for professional firms and institutions that want to tap into crypto trading and exchange services. The developers have studied the market deeply and have come up with dedicated services and add-on features that are specifically geared towards the unique requirements of corporations and firms.

  • Faster Registration: While many exchanges would require institutional investors and traders to go through different levels of documentation and verification, Solidbit requires an average of 3 minutes to register and go through an automatic verification, so the professional traders can get down to business as fast as possible.
  • Limited, Yet Reliable Pairs: To ensure the most reliable trading experience, Solidbit only provides major cryptocurrencies, coupled with trustworthy stablecoins in order to protect its clients against scam and volatility.
  • Customizable Layout: Each firm will have its own requirements of how they want trading data displayed. Solidbit allows different workspace organizations and widgets to create any interface a user prefers.
  • Bank Support: Depositing and withdrawing fiat in large amounts, it is essential to have good traditional banking on and off-ramps. Solidbit does this with extensive payment method support, including SWIFT and SEPA.
  • Regulatory Compliant: Digital asset trading is an evolving arena, and it can be difficult to comply with regulatory authorities. Not in the case of Solidbit, which is fully EU compliant, ensuring you never face issues with authorities.

Safety Priority

While offering flexible and dedicated services, Solidbit also ensures that the platform and client assets are kept safe using the latest technologies and security protocols.

While trading takes place through the platform’s interface, all assets are kept in secure locations. All fiat is deposited in an EU-regulated bank, while 98% of all cryptos are secured in cold storage, disconnected from the network. The remaining 2% are kept in a hot wallet for instant withdrawals and liquidity.

At the traders’ end, Solidbit employs 2FA (Google Authenticator Text) as an extra layer of security along with the traditional password. Users have the further option to whitelist withdrawal wallet addresses so assets are transferred out of the platform to only approved crypto wallets.

The same level of security is kept within the mobile version of the trading platform, giving institutional clients the same safety, even when they are on the move.

The high level of security, coupled with the dedicated features, advanced trading order options and deep liquidity makes the newcomer Solidbit the go-to platform for all the digital asset trading needs of institutional and corporate clients of today. A 24/7 support service is also available to help out clients should any issues arise.

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