Woman with spinning wheel

What Pegman Saw in Galway

woman with spinning wheel

Yadira spins her magic

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As Pegman strode through the forest near Galway, he chanced on an archetypal scene. An old woman sat spinning near a cottage overgrown with vines.

“Pegman, do not tell me that you were planning on walking by without saying hello,” the wizened crone admonished.

“Perish the thought, Yadira,” Pegman replied. “Shall we have tea?”

Pegman and Yadira sat outside the cottage in two old chairs, sipping their tea.

“Yadira, I must ask,” Pegman said. “Why can’t you content yourself to complete your quest in peace? Why are you terrorizing Gerry Clifford? What happened that day in the hills near Bar-Wul-Yann was certainly not in any way his fault.”

“I am merely a catalyst, Pegman,” Yadira retorted. “I am a witch. Witches grant wishes.”

“You are doing more than granting wishes. You are interfering.”

“You are one to talk, Impartial Observer who does not content himself with observing impartially,” Yadira retorted.

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And now...The Notes!

Bar-Wul-Yann is a location in the 1910 story, Idle Days on the Yann, by Lord Dunsany. Dunsany was a major influence on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft.

Yadira Root is the namesake of the Yadira Chronicles. As Nyarlathotep's daughter, she is a force to be reckoned with. 

I have published the first chapter of Yadira's story free on LBRY. The entire story is available for 9 LBC. An LBC is a form of cryptocurrency. As of this writing, its value was a little over $0.04.

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