Skys, clouds, suns, moons, stars and the rest of the Universe(Part 3)

I lose very much time watching things, especially in looking at the sky, perhaps it is not lost time when it can be a suggestive and an amazing experience, full of mystery and strange feelings.

When I saw this image for the first time I was not able to completely understand it and even now I have some doubts: there are the Moon and some trees, but it was a clear night without clouds or maybe it was only what I was believing.


A dark skyline is really dark even if some houses on the hills make the difference.


A skyline in the moment of the nightfall. If you look carefully in the centre of the image you will find Jupiter and there also is Saturn next to it.


It is not a fire, it is the sky.


The Moon is the Moon even if seen through branches.





All images were taken by me with a smartphone camera.


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I am Italian, over 50, interested in many things: geology, science fiction and cryptos

Nature tells tales: it is not fiction, it's Nature
Nature tells tales: it is not fiction, it's Nature

Rocks, plants, animals, landscape contain stories

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