To the layman, it looks like edible buttercream, but it's... commonly known as the wrinkled webcap

By madventure | Nature, Photography | 27 Feb 2024

To the layman, it looks like edible buttercream, but it's... commonly known as the wrinkled webcap.

When you meet it for the first time, from above and even from the side it looks like a butter mushroom, a tasty edible mushroom. Even the mucus appearing on the surface of the hat is deceptively similar to that of buttercream after rainfall.

However, nothing could be more wrong. It is enough to turn the mushroom to see the dark rusty lamellae. This is one of the species of curtains that have various properties. Some are edible while others are deadly poisonous. That's why I don't collect this species for culinary purposes, because even though I have a lot of experience, I'm never 100% sure.

This veil has a hat reaching up to 10-12 cm in diameter. Its shape changes with age. At the beginning, flared, strongly corrugated and corrugated, having a cover at the bottom. And with age it opens up. It is very sticky.

The color of the cap is dark brown, brown, olive-brown, while its edges are sometimes translucent with a blue, purple tint.

The leg is thick, massive, hollow inside. At the bottom there is a characteristic remnant of a vagina. The leg is white, gray-purple. It can reach up to 8 cm in height, it often happens that there is a collar on it.

The flesh has a tempting sweetish smell and taste. It is delicate and brittle. The mushroom is inedible.

The gills are pale cream in color but only in young mushrooms. In older ones, they are brown, rusty brown.

This species likes deciduous forests where many oaks grow. It appears in Europe in the summer around August and grows until late autumn, i.e. until November.


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