Mushroom surprises in the Silesian Park

By madventure | Nature, Photography | 17 Apr 2024


Today, a bit of a jerky walk in the park. The weather did not spoil, although it is relatively warm, the rain in the form of a drizzle was unpleasant and forced us to make frequent stops. The coming days are also not optimistic, because it is going to get even cold.


As I am passionate about mushrooms, not only in the kitchen, when I walk around the places where trees grow, I always look around in search of my favorite living and mysterious creation of nature. Because it is amazing, because it does not belong to the plant world or the animal world.


I spotted several species in the park's paths, including the red toadstool. For the uninitiated, it is an edible species. But as a rule, I do not pick mushrooms near the agglomeration, let alone parks where dogs take care of their needs.


I also spotted a boletus, also edible, but was paralyzed by another mushroom and covered with a white coating.



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Nature, Photography
Nature, Photography

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