Mushroom edible or not? - Pine coral

By madventure | Nature, Photography | 25 May 2024




This species of mushroom is quite common in European forests. Its dimensions are difficult to determine, because it consists of many fruiting bodies branching in different directions. But generally you can find groups of fruit bodies that are up to 6-8 cm wide and 10-12 cm high.



The mushroom is an intricate structure, branched, bushy, forked, growing from a common root, the base. Vertical twigs of different heights grow densely next to each other and their ends fork.



The mushroom is light or dark brown, honey color, sometimes cinnamon, translucent. Young fruiting bodies may have a light yellow color. The lack of a cap and the common root from which individual fruiting bodies grow resembles a broom.



This common mushroom grows almost all over the world outside of Europe. It can be found in Africa, South and North America, Asia and Australia. It grows on the remains, rotten and decayed pieces of mainly coniferous wood. Although it prefers mainly coniferous forests with a predominance of pine, it can also be found in mixed forests.



In my country, the mushroom is considered inedible, which does not mean that it is poisonous. It is said to be consumed in China, Mexico and Madagascar. Perhaps it has some properties we don't know about yet, although the wealth of mushrooms in Europe is so great that this one probably has to line up in a long queue before it ends up in my kitchen.



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