Fungus like microscopic antlers - Candlestick Fungus

By madventure | Nature, Photography | 21 May 2024



Many of us, while walking in the forest, have certainly met this creature. It looks like small gray, gray-white pins, often segmented at the top, similar to a miniature antler.


These are fungi belonging to the Xylariales family, and this one is exactly called the candlestick fungus.


Its appearance does not resemble a mushroom in shape, it looks more like a lichen. It can reach several cm in height. It is shaped like a skewer, but most often it is branched with mountains.


The surface of the mushroom is matte, velvety and the flesh is firm but elastic. In older fruiting bodies they have become lignified.


The mushroom is quite popular all year round, however, it prefers certain positions. It can be found on dead logs, branches of deciduous trees where there is a lot of moisture.


This mushroom is not poisonous, but due to its specificity, texture and lack of flavor, it is not suitable for consumption.

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Nature, Photography

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