Common Foxglove, she's beautiful, she can heal but she can also kill

By madventure | Nature, Photography | 22 Mar 2024

This undoubtedly beautiful biennial plant is quite popular among gardeners and is very common in nature in the wild. It lives in Western Europe, North Africa, both Americas, Australia and New Zealand.

The plant can reach about 1 m in height, and its stiff shoots end in clusters of large, bell-shaped flowers, hanging freely. They have a light purple, pink, violet color in various shades and are covered with fine hairs on the outside.

The inside of the flower has a characteristic color. It is lighter in the middle and covered with dark spots surrounded by white borders.

The leaves of this plant have an ovoid-lanceolate shape, are large and covered with hairs, which after drying are a material useful in herbal medicine. The leaves contain substances called glycosides.

Under natural conditions, the plant blooms in June and ends in August. In the conditions of the home garden, flowering may begin a little earlier.

It is not too demanding when it comes to the substrate, but it is worth fertilizing it from time to time with natural fertilizer, for example from a composter, or nettle fertilizer. Likes sunny or slightly shaded positions.

Foxglove is a highly poisonous and medicinal plant at the same time. The glycosides contained in the plant, when dosed with reason, have healing properties and have a positive effect on the work of the heart. In concentrated doses, they can even lead to human death.

The properties of purple foxglove are used to treat mainly heart diseases, for example hypertension, circulatory failure, atrial fibrillation, cardiac arrhythmia. Digitalis is also used to treat bladder diseases.

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