A rebellious kingfisher at a photo session

By madventure | Nature, Photography | 18 Apr 2024


Front and side photo shoot


The kingfisher is a small bird with a very characteristic color and is quite popular in Poland. Popular does not mean that we see him often, he is very mobile, he rarely sits in one place - but sometimes it happens, even to the extent that it resembles a prepared photo session.


Its colors are very different from the birds seen in Europe. The colors of the kingfisher are closer to tropical countries with hot climates.


A kingfisher can have a wingspan of up to 28 cm. It is beautifully colored. He has a blue back and emerald flanks contrasting with the orange belly, and he has a beautiful white goatee.


The beak of males is uniformly black, in females it is red at the base of the lower part. The legs are orange, coral.


wi02.jpg wi01.jpg

The kingfisher has an interesting feature. When he changes the position of his head, side to side, down or up, he first puts his head high, then turns either sideways or up and puts his head back into the torso. It looks hilarious when doing it quickly.


Photo shoot in the back


This bird is closely related to water. He lives in steep, sandy slopes of lakes, rivers and streams. It arrives in March and April and digs mink 50 to 60 cm deep.


A small group of kingfishers winter in Poland, most of them fly to southern Europe.


These birds mainly feed on small fish such as roach, bleak, perch, and sometimes they eat small aquatic crustaceans.


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