Welcome August!

By Taibah | Nature_ALs | 1 Aug 2023

For us Indonesian, this month in a whole month celebration of independence. It is on August 17th actually but since day one of the month we already asked to have the country's flag waving in each of our house. So today, my big brother helped us put the flag on air and it'll be waving there till the end of August. 

The waving flag is not the only thing that we do in the coming of the independence day. We usually clean our neighborhood together. Even sometimes the is a sort of competition for the cleanest neighborhood. Are we only bother to clean our neighborhood near the independence day? Luckily the answer is no.. But not everyday too.

Most of us limit the responsibility to clean up to the outer side of our properties, so the communal properties needs the efforts from the community to be kept clean. Especially in our local community here, where we don't have paid workers to handle the work. So moments like this gathers us, working together clean our neigborhood. In Indonesian, we call it gotong royong.

And we have several times of the year to do so. The Independence day, Lebaran (ied al Fitr), Lebaran Haji (Ied al Hajj), Christmas-Newyear or simply when there's a call in the group.  And today we start the month by cleaning our house, and waiting for the call of gotong royong in the coming few days. 

That's my sharing for today and thanks for reading. Leave me a comment so I can visit your blog and tip you later. Have a great day!

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