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By Taibah | Nature_ALs | 4 Jun 2021

5th of June is celebrated as International Environment Day. As I read the theme for this year's celebration by the United Nations, REIMAGINE; RECREATE; RESTORE my mind came with a word "REWEAVE", one within the context of reweave the web of life that connects the life of the planet and the life of our children. The concept is introduced in the book written by Maria Mies and Vandana Shiva, Ecofeminist

Personally I'm not really into the concepts offered. My perspective, RE-IMAGINE is a way of providing excuses for the current life destruction as it implies a switch of vision, in accordance to current environmental condition. Or in short, adaptation. I'm not against adaptation. No, it's inevitable in the changing world. But purposely doing so is as if we give up to the environmental degradation. Seems like we can't find the root of problem and have to live with it instead of trying to cope with it. So I choose RESIST. Hang in there, fight back if necessary, show those irresponsible nature extractor we're here to protect mother earth. Give the most you can, support life because extinction is irreversible.

Second, RECREATE. Again, this word is not sending me a friendly signals as we talk about the environment. I'm into natural environment, and the word re-create got me thinking af the artificial ones. It's like the existing megabiodiversity jungle versus mini forest in the middle of concrete buildings. Well, the idea is good but it's not enough if we can actually aim for the better . What's worse, if the once existed naturals are ruined and then the word 'recreate' saves the day. So no, I'd skip the word RE-CREATE. Leave em there, CARE for it, the blissful God's Creation.

But somehow I want to keep the word RESTORE. We can use the word with an emphasis that it'll have to be an extreme effort to restore given the current condition. All of us is invited to join this movement of small acts, on a very local scale but done simutaneously by everyone in every community and is designed to enable any help available from all other creations. It's a synergy to the grand design of the power of the universe, a reweaved acts of care to eventually restore our home, our earth. This is our moment. Choose CARE!

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