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In my city you can see them flying from one side to another crossing the skies in pairs. A very beautiful event that satisfies the heart. With their singing, a very characteristic sound, they announce their passing, giving the spectators time to contemplate their spectacular flight.


It is a kind of diurnal and very social habits, which can form flocks of several dozen members, but at least they live in pairs, which gather to look for food, groom, protect each other and sleep together. Its natural habitat is from Mexico to Brazil. The dominant members of the group are usually adult males of reproductive age. They communicate mainly through vocalization, with loud and low squawks. It is an inbred species that begins to reproduce at four years of age, laying between one and four eggs each breeding season, which extends from November to May. Its diet consists predominantly of seeds, although it also consumes fruits, nectar, insects or the flowers, leaves and stems of certain plants. In addition, they complement it with minerals that counteract some toxins present in their food, which for them are difficult to digest and for humans become toxic.


Also known as papagallo, they have a longevity of up to seventy years of age, they have a very strong beak that practically counts as one more limb, usually you can see them of different colors, however this review I wanted to illustrate it with specimens of white color that are very beautiful and less common.

As in my previous article I close remembering that preserving these species contributes to the common good, the best place for these birds is out of captivity, and in this way we can always see such beautiful photographs. The macaw is a very friendly bird so it requires constant care, so they always prefer the company of at least one more papagayo, they do not get along with other birds but they find loneliness very counterproductive. This is why it is best to see them two or more, and flying free.




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