Blue frog

By soxcryp | Nature World | 30 Apr 2021

Dendrobates tinctorius is a species of frog in the poison dart frog family (Dendrobatidae). According to information obtained on the Wikipedia portal, it is distributed by Suriname, Guyana, French Guiana and northern Brazil. It lives in primary tropical forests below 600 meters of altitude.
It is a poison frog, its skin contains poisonous alkaloids (mainly pumiliotoxins) that it obtains from its diet. This poison is capable of causing symptoms of muscle numbness and cardiorespiratory problems in humans.



According to a Russian source, the family Dendrobatidae has a wider range, around 120 species live in tropical rainforests from Central America to southern Brazil, but the most popular species are directly from the genus Dendrobates, around fifty of them . Most of these amphibians are small (1.5 - 3 cm) and painted in bright warning colors, allowing predators to see them from afar and move ahead of time off the trail. There are no animals capable of eating these frogs. Coloring is blue, green, red, gold, striped, polka dot (make up any combination yourself, among the drevolazov there will be almost any option).
Having made these conceptual considerations about this dangerous but very attractive animal, I must add, as several of the authors that I have been able to read, that the preservation of these tiny animals very unique in their species is of great importance, since it is not very frequent to find the blue color in an animal. As a naturalist who I value very much says: let us respect nature no matter how insignificant it may seem to us.




Therefore, if you get to walk through the places where the blue frog lives, remember that it is poisonous, avoid touching it, but the photographs you can take of it will always be welcome.



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