Tron 🔥 DLive 🔥 BitTorrent - First Surprise of 2020 👀
Tron 🔥 DLive 🔥 BitTorrent - First Surprise of 2020 👀

By Nathan Kaytar | NatesLife | 20 Jan 2020

Justin Sun announced the recently acquired DLive platform would be making significant changes to what underlying blockchain it operates on.
Starting their journey as part of the Steem Ecosystem, the DLive team quickly realized that the Steem reward algorithms favoured only those who hold large amounts of Steem tokens "Wales".
Unhappy with the semi-centralized direction of Steem, DLive looked to continue to build its platform on a blockchain that supports the decentralized vision of the DLive project. With this in mind, the switch to the Lino blockchain was a natural choice. There where many benefits for DLive to make the switch, but many feel the biggest was the fair reward mechanism.
"On the Lino blockchain, content creators, viewers, and all other contributors are fully and fairly incentivized to maximize long-term economic growth in a sustainable way." It seems in light of recent announcements the DTube team may be migrating to greener pastures once again. This time hopefully a long term home with Tron.
As Justin Sun continues to build out, his cryptocurrency-focused empire, 2020 looks to be very promising for the Tron foundation. From an ever-strengthening consortium of fundamentally strong businesses to the long-awaited buyback of TRX Tokens.
Do you hold any Tron - TRX tokens?
"I know I do! but I bought them at a much higher price." 😞

This year is shaping up to be something special for the whole cryptocurrency world. 🙂

Nathan Kaytar
Nathan Kaytar

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