How did I join the ENTREPRENEUR community? by @nachomolina

By nachomolina | nachomolina | 14 Jul 2019

As I found the INTREPRENEUR? Community, it was easy,


I was browsing my blog on and found the official post of this community sponsored by users @intrepreneur and @crystalhuman.

I was very emotional mode of expression of its moderators as the MISSION that pursues this community which serves as a guide for entrepreneurs who make life in blockchain, contributing their way to success in the consolidation of projects, to through advice and support for your initiative.

Additionally, when reviewing my steem-engine wallet I found some INT (native token) tokens donated by @intrepreneur which I could convert into STEEM pegged instantly.

By subscribing to their Discord channel and visiting the #quests / #superquests room, I found a series of weekly tasks which can be done to get INT in return. The promotion will be valid until January 1st, 2020, so there is plenty of time to interact.

According to the massive adoption by the users, your token can reach a great value.

These are the reasons why I joined this brilliant INTREPRENEUR community to which I wish a successful future.


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