"A Day in the Life of @nachomolina"
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"A Day in the Life of @nachomolina"

By nachomolina | nachomolina | 31 Jan 2020

"A Day in the Life of @nachomolina"

Every day a new adventure, working endlessly from morning until night, as long as I stay alive. Write, Walk, Eat, Sleep, Talk, Feel, Discuss, Create, Comment, Get on the bus and then get off, endless daily routine, until the cycle is closed...

Dream! :)


Telling one of my dreams is not part of this challenge!

But if I could!, with my mind I would lift them to the incredible place, where they would never imagine it. Tired of the routine! Sometimes I recommend leaving aside the PC and virtual life, I invite you to enjoy between images, of a different day,

At Family Style!...


Nothing more enjoyable! that lives a few kilometers from the seashore, somewhere in the tropics, where it is located, my homeland "Venezuela".

Leaving the keyboard aside and raising my hand from the mouse pad!, I take my car keys and first thing in the morning, I know how I will finish this week! Near waves, sand and palm trees... The time has come to drain the stress, submerged in the water. Take your life saver, a suntan and frog legs! One more day in the life of @nachomolina, We are going, a whole day of walking!

to the BEACH!


At first in the garden of my house, the smallest ones were about to get on the mothership!




Here they are, establishing their positions!



"The most important thing is to share with the family. Our loved ones, require our attention, in order to preserve the feeling and union of that fundamental pillar, which gives meaning to our lives: "The Family".


Upon arriving at the beach there was some rain and a pretty cloudy day, 






 but everything improved after a few minutes


"The place consisted of a small cove located on the outskirts of the city, ideal for camping, making meals, parking cars and enjoying peace and tranquility next to the waves of the sea."




From there the fun began!



"Sun and sand, some music and meals. The sea water was still very cold because despite the sun rising, it was still early in the morning, which at the beginning was accompanied by rain and cloudy weather."




Test passed


"At the beginning we take care of the food, but always under the supervision of the owner of the company of the Molina brothers (My Mom). In the end, we managed to pass the strict quality control tests ", Jeje!




There was time for "fitness" and some pirouettes in the water Jeje! 


. Also to spoil the smallest of the house, when the sun and the breeze caused him a little sleep.




"The water was not so deep, but very cold and crystalline. The sand was perfect with that touch of "champagne" color, contrasting with the sun's rays and the gentle breeze."


The arrival of the sunset, indicated that it is time to leave. Then everyone on board! we were going back home after an excellent and fun family day.








"We get all our belongings into the vehicle and we take care of collecting carefully each of the elements of waste generated by the activity. Ecological awareness is an important mission that we must actively practice when we visit a natural environment!"

:) . Nature will always thank us



Upon arriving home, there was nothing left but to save the mother ship and look at what was left of that beautiful sunset on the roof of my house!.




But, hey! 



"I confess that my day is not over! The night phase of my daily routine was just beginning ... ROCK 'N ROLL! Again, in front of the PC, next to the powerful sound of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and the QUEEN group, I am willing to make the best of me until dawn. A new publication was waiting for me and I already had enough inspiration to work with Steemit.Com, adding the memories of one more day in the life of @nachomolina after a comforting family walk on the beach"



Thanks for your kind attention!,
Until next time estimates.
We will read!  :)




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