Upland METAVERSE Tokenized with real owners and UPX earnings, built on EOS Blockchain

Upland METAVERSE Tokenized with real owners and UPX earnings, built on EOS Blockchain




The idea of the Blockchain, in terms of offering solutions that use information technology and Web service to promote innovative ideas that connect the world, is limitless.

Any revolutionary idea can find its space in decentralization, therefore, more and more we tend to see projects pursuing tokenization of any item or subject that allows it.

The area of tokenized "Games" occupies a considerable space in the blockchain, gamers comprise a participatory demographic figure that remains connected for long hours or entire days thanks to their penchant for entertainment and token accumulation. There are strategy games, RPGs, war games and adventure games, among others.

It should be noted that virtual reality and the creation of parallel worlds designed to trap the user are becoming increasingly impressive.


An authentic project

The Upland proposal consists of an ambitious, modern and at the same time crazy idea, but with a design logic that allows entertainment and the application of knowledge at the same time.

Perhaps it is a little difficult to explain the concept of a METAVERSO, because we are used to live tied to the real world, but when you have the option to let your imagination fly, to develop a virtual world with owner actions which can generate wealth, everything can change.

That is Upland, so I invite you to get to know this magnificent project!




What is Upland?

Upland is a decentralized platform built on the EOS Blockchain architecture. Its concept is referred to a game that allows you to bet UPX tokens to trade internally; UPX is a utility token that can only be used within the platform. It is available on the Web, iOS and Android.


What does it consist of?

The game consists of a parallel universe where the planet earth has been taken in a scale model, where the user can perform as a shareholder in the purchase and sale of properties. The upland economy is based on supply and demand, it is estimated that its trade can grow as the game evolves and has a greater adoption.

A Community mindset

The philosophy of upland is based on collectible games such as Monopoly, Cryptokitties and the like, but in reality, it is a tokenized community blockchain where users can log in to trade with UPX and develop an ecosystem with non-transferable real properties and usability.

"The idea is to generate contributions coming from the user's creativity where cities, infrastructures, services and real estate can be built with a real value and a performance that serves to make the virtual society Upland grow."




Upland is more than a game

A development tool

"The landowner will start by buying land where it will be possible to project the construction of buildings or urbanisms, just like in real life. According to my own criteria, Upland becomes more than a game, a tool for design and modeling of architectures or works of public consumption where it is possible to have an experience close to the physical world where we live."

As you progress, the Uplander will be able to sell and buy new properties contributing to the economic growth of the UPX-based ecosystem and managing the possibility of being a wealthy investor with a large accumulation of tokens in your wallet.


How does the Upland economy work?

The Upland economy works according to the earning of tokens per participation, as well as, the derivation of negotiations made according to the experience of each user. Among the advances that are raised in the ecosystem, it is estimated that soon it will be possible to buy UPX tokens with USD. In the meantime, UPX are still only for internal consumption for the acquisition of properties, goods and services within METAVERSO Upland.

"The idea behind keeping UPX as a signature NFT is the need to maintain control and comply with U.S. laws as the platform grows and settles in. Upland constitutes a real economy based on EOS Blockchain for this it is proposed that once the player has managed to accumulate 10,000 UPX the system will automatically create an EOS account in his name where UPX Tokens will be deposited of which he can have control and manage with total autonomy.
Through EOS Blockchain the storage of values is allowed and the security of UPX is guaranteed, allowing to register the irrefutable ledger offered by the service, giving the user a true ownership."




Is it necessary to interact in Upland, why?

Interacting in Upland is necessary to generate influence and make negotiations. The Upland platform model is based on socializing, in fact, the idea is to try to implement an ecosystem of permanent interaction where there is an exchange of ideas on projects and advances in infrastructure, as well as marketing strategies for buying and selling issued by the users themselves.

"It should be noted that Upland, Inc. makes available social networks and other chat mechanisms, such as its Discord room, Twitter and messaging, so that users can get to know each other and establish relationships. There is an outstanding team in Discord who are willing to help and clarify doubts, mainly to new users. Suggesting, recommending, educating, everything has its degree of importance within the ecosystem, therefore it is extremely important to interact frequently."


My own thoughts

I associate the virtual reality of METAVERSO Upland as a kind of repopulation of the planet. It is like a new colonization of nations and corners of the world testing the creative power and economic strategies of the adopter. A Blockchain with a real ecosystem with ownership over UPX assets stored on the EOS blockchain. I believe the idea of the blockchain is that we can be successful virtual entrepreneurs with an equal distribution of profits in a subreal yet tangible world with absolute funding and liquidity. Something difficult to achieve in the centralized physical world dominated by large corporations that dominate almost all areas of investment in addition to the FIAT capital is in the banks where it is almost impossible to access a credit, even more so, when you want to start a business from scratch. Upland is fun and constructive, where you can participate in the creation of a new company without the restrictions we encounter in the real world.


Thank you for your kind attention, I hope this publication has been to your liking and contributed with your knowledge about Upland, Inc.

Sincerely yours,




"All images were taken from https://play.upland.me/login, official website, https://medium.com/upland and processed with Powerpoint 2013"


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