A n00bs journey into crypto - Part two

By Loppy | N00b Finance | 23 Dec 2021

Today was a good day.

I worked on my side hustle until midnight last night, and also for an hour before my day job. I had hardly any sleep but it was worth it.

I was paid almost €240 today for that side hustle! And I wanted to invest some of it into crypto. The rest went into my emergency savings fund, and the new high interest ISA I opened yesterday to help save a home deposit.

I bought €15 worth of Bitcoin, €10 worth of MATIC, and €15 of ATOM. I'd read an article yesterday about Polygon being predicted to do well in 2022 so it seemed like a good investment. The ATOM was a bit spontaneous though. I was scrolling through the list of crypto on Coinbase and it appeared to be doing a lot better than everything else, at over +6% so it seemed like a good idea at the time. Now however I can see its currently at -1.88%!

I don't really know what currencies are the ones to watch but I'm hoping I'll learn as I go. I'm not investing more than I can risk to lose and I'm not scared if I do lose money.

What would you recommend I invest in next? Payday from my day job is next week and I'll be investing in some more crypto then 😊

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N00b Finance
N00b Finance

My uninformed journey into investment

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