Taking the leap - Going to do crypto full time!

By myfreebtc | myfreebtc | 26 Jun 2021

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Earlier this year I decided that if I could make at least $1000 a month from crypto projects I would start doing this full time! I'm not there yet but I've decided to take the leap! I've been earning a little over $100 over the last few weeks and I know I can make much more if I put in the time and focus on that and only that.

I have some money saved up to keep me going while this project takes off but I'm confident that I will be able to make enough money with crypto by the end of the year not only to sustain myself but to keep investing back into it. I also have a side business that doesn't require much time that is able to pay for food and bills so I won't die if crypto suddenly disappears. Very unlikely but we never know what the future holds.

I haven't told my family yet but I'm guessing the reaction will be pretty bad. I can already imagine the yelling and the insults but I'm not going to budge, this is something that I love doing and I want to pursue my dream, just because they kept me alive for the first 20 something years of my life they don't get ownership of my life. I'm scared that this might blow up in my face but I will let that fear drive me to overperform.

The plan


Hive (All tokens included and splinterlands) is one of my biggest holdings and it is by far my best avenue for growth. I have been tracking my earnings since the beginning of 2021 and Hive (All tokens included) constantly comes out ahead week after week and I don't even track my earnings from splinterlands.

I will start dedicating a lot more time to writing, reading, commenting, and curating content on here. Improve my writing and produce better content.

My second source of crypto income is going to come from referral programs and faucet websites. I've been doing this for a while and I manage to get a decent income from them every month. I need to improve my numbers and my first project will be to finalize my website and make it look awesome. I know this is feasible and I've done it with a free website in the past, so doing it for real will yield better results for sure.

Thinking about starting a youtube / 3Speak channel for a while now and I think it would help me get a lot more referrals and maybe someday it might become big enough to start generating some extra income.

The organization is crucial so I will be making huge changes to my spreadsheet and my productivity apps. I need to set a working schedule and stick to it, probably going to set aside 8 mandatory hours of work per day.

I will also try to set aside 2 hours a day to learn a new skill. I will try to teach myself how to code using free online resources.





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