Countries where I could retire today

By myfreebtc | myfreebtc | 16 Apr 2021


My biggest goal is to achieve financial freedom trough crypto currency. Ideally by generating completely passive income but for the time being I don't consider my income passive since I'm factoring in my earnings from writing posts, referring people to websites and curating content.

I've started this quest of making at least $1000 a month from crypto on late 2020 and decided that I would track all my earnings and post them every Monday to share with everyone my progress and what websites / projects are paying me and how much.

I was having a discussion with some friends of mine that don't seem to grasp the importance of creating different streams of passive income and are completely convinced that the government will provide them enough money in retirement to live a comfortable life (Fools). I my self prefer to take matters into my own hands and most of what I'm doing today is with the end goal of not having to ever worry about money in the future.

In order to make things a little more interesting and motivating and decided to pick up a world map and slowly start painting the countries where I could retire today. Slowly working my way up to FULL WORLD DOMINATION! That will take a while but mark my words, it will happen (Monaco and Bermuda will be a hard to conquer but they're so tinny no one will notice)!

How do I define which countries I can retire in:

Screenshot 2021-04-16 at 02.46.53.png

I'm using this world map as my guide, it shows the average monthly income in almost every country in the world. If my expected annual revenue based on the 4 previous weeks income is higher than the average salary of said country then it gets painted orange.

Africa will be my first conquest followed by either Asia or South America. Sometimes I day dream about emigrating to Indonesia and retire early just enjoy life and make a living from my crypto endeavours.

I'm calling this map FIREM - Financial Independent Retired Early Map. Unfortunately the website I'm using only has data on 80 countries out of the 196 existing ones. I will try to find a website that has more information in the future but for the time being I'm using this one as a guide.

Progress so far

Fire map recent.png

I've already conquered 23 out of 80 countries but it only gets harder from here. The difference between average incomes starts spreading further and further as we go but on the other hand my earnings also tend to snowball overtime. This week I was able to paint Albania that has an average annual income of $5,220. Iran is up next with $5,300 then it will be a little bit of climb until South Africa $6,040.

I update the map at the beginning of every month but I will only post updates once I make some significant progress.

Hope you enjoyed and I encourage you to do the same. Here's the website I use to paint the map: You can save a copy of your work when you're done and then upload it to restart from where you left off.

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