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My Crypto Journey || From Rags To Riches || Day 6 || Things Are Looking Good.

By Zemiatin | mycryptojourney1 | 9 Feb 2021

Hello guys and welcome to day 6 of my crypto journey. Another 24 hours and my portfolio looks healthier and healthier. In yesterday posts, I was at 1017$. This is how it looks today:


All in the green apart from Doge which went down 11% but my Doge holdings are really slow so that those not matter much.

So...1085$ which is much a much better sum than I expected 6 days ago when I decided to do this series of post. Back then, my Portfolio was worth only 929$. I hope things continue like this and that I will also be able to stack on much more coins.

Thanks for reading and see you guys in my next update.

To the moon!

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