What is MyCrypto?

What is MyCrypto?

By MyCrypto | MyCrypto | 26 Mar 2020

Hey all, I'm personally familiar with Medium as a writing platform but always looking to explore other options. I'm writing this on the account I made for MyCrypto but I'm Jordan and I handle all of the communications / marketing and therefore, all the publishing!

We're not new to this space, but we're new to Publish0x, so here's a formal introduction.


What is MyCrypto?

MyCrypto is a free, open-source tool for creating and managing Ethereum accounts. Some call us a wallet.

We've been around for a while as our CEO, Taylor, is one of the original MEW co-founders back in 2015 and we all split off and started MyCrypto in early 2018.

What does MyCrypto offer?


MyCrypto offers an end-to-end solution for Ether and ERC20 tokens. You can create an ETH wallet, purchase ETH, and manage that ETH, all in the same place. You can interact with smart contracts, use ENS domain names, and swap your ETH & ERC20 tokens directly.

If you don't have a wallet, use our Desktop App to create one.
If you already have a wallet, you can access it easily via MyCrypto.

  • We encourage the use of wallet types such as Hardware Wallets (Ledger, Trezor) and Web3 (MetaMask). 
  • We discourage using private keys, keystore files, or mnemonic phrases directly, but allow it on the MyCrypto Desktop App - this is a safer environment for using those types of wallets.

MyCrypto Desktop App


We're currently working on a beta version that is going to make EVERYTHING better, and will allow you to manage multiple accounts at once and access decentralized finance all from your dashboard. I recommend giving it a shot. 

MyCrypto Beta


If anyone has questions or would like to learn more, I'm an open book.

We're huge proponents of security in this space and publish a lot of content on our Medium (soon to publish here!)

We communicate most frequently via our Twitter account.

We also have a newsletter that you can sign up for on the footer of MyCrypto.com or beta.mycrypto.com.

Thanks everyone!



MyCrypto's official Publish0x blog! Find us at: https://beta.mycrypto.com https://twitter.com/MyCrypto

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