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Why Michael Saylor Should Be "THE OFFICIAL" Bitcoin Ambassador...

By CodyMac50 | MyCripticLife | 7 Jul 2023

I promote Bitcoin and crypto to nearly all of my students and people who purchase my bread 

I often tell them in a rush the what, and how for, of the currency without really giving them time to ask questions, because of their time restraints.

Also, I am not a scientist, I didn't learn cryptography, and don't even pretend to understand the workings of most devices we own.

I don't have diplomatic skills, debating skills, and most certainly didn't get past my GED. 

I sell bread and teach English classes for mostly

I also am not an engineer who went to THE top technology institute in the world...MIT, and wouldn't have had the scores to enter.

I do my best explaining Bitcoin to those I meet, but it is with limitations.

There is, however, one man, who has been in the spotlight recently, and known as the Bitcoin king.

Michael Saylor. The CEO of Micro Strategy. Who holds over 150,000 Bitcoin, and will be purchasing more.

We all need to listen when this guy speaks, and even though he at times comes off as a bit agitated, or even at times bored, when asked about why his company holds so much Bitcoin, or how he can lose everything if the currency went to $0, he understands what's going on.

Over the last 3 days I have watched over 20 videos where he was interviewed by crypto skeptics, and crypto junkies alike.

Each video, I learned something new, and interesting about Bitcoin.

His interview with Peter McCormack, the podcast , What Bitcoin Did, a long while back was one of the interviews I enjoyed the most. 

He highlighted the fact that governments worldwide see crypto as a casino. That without regulation, it could destroy livelihoods.

But the one thing that hit me the most was the crypto infighting that we have seen.

This started with the Bitcoin war that ended with the hard fork we know as Bitcoin Cash.

Different issues have surfaced through the years, and Bitcoin has survived them all. 

He said that this fighting has kept many interested people out of crypto because if the crypto bros can't even agree on this or that, then what's the point, and who really knows what's best?

If someone wants to jump into crypto, don't confuse them with the details of cold storage, or multisig, or block size, just teach them about Bitcoin, help them to understand seed phrases and why they are important to safeguarding their crypto, how to download it, how to purchase the coin, and how to send it to the wallet where they saved the phrase.

Later, when the majority of people own some, then discussions should start regarding the other stuff.

I personally think that some of the "small stuff" he talked about is important to fix now before bigger issues pop up in the future. So I do disagree with him on a few things, but they are so few, it is almost inconciquencial.

But that is also my opinion.

Saylor is the guy for the worldwide stage, and he is articulate enough to explain it to a 5 year old, and a 95 year old at the same time.

He understands how valuable a technology this is, and staked his entire company on it.

He regularly does interviews, and gives advice to the poor, and simply practices what he preaches.

Michael Saylor took advantage of an opportunity, was forward thinking, and placed his company in such a way that no matter the USD price of Bitcoin, his company would flourish.

Thanks for reading, and if you agree that Michael Saylor should be the Bitcoin Ambassador, let me know in the comments below...👇🏻

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